Foodie + travel photography thread



I’m getting very hungry! :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:


i am encouraging foodies to unite here <3


i have recommendations for people if they like :smile::fork_and_knife:


I found my people…:smile:


welcome to the best food thread on the pub! feast served!


Japan (osaka) curry egg omelette. it was MASSIVE we didnt know and ordered 2 different ones…


daily food update: myeondong street food, people must be hungry… during this dip!


Hondae korean bbq, super friendly staff and very good food!!! :explopants:


OMG. I want. Right now! Looks so good!


My shout for you and @john if I make it we all go korea as a thank you. Wait until we go korea again in three weeks, going be epic. The pub motivates me to upload more pics! Screw Instagram!


Your pics are lovely. Please post foodie pictures anytime! That’s practically all I post on my IG. Well, that and my animals :laughing:


May I follow your IG for more food pics? I’m amuseboobs.


I will do not worry! i got the pubs belly covered! - is my old acc where i posted all my stuff
eric.chens - will be the new one i post less clutter there. mainly used for people i know or like :slight_smile:


btw guys we going to china - Guangzhou for 15 hours layover which im SUPER excited for because being Chinese i have not actually been there!

then 3 weeks in Seoul - 3 days Busan

might even write a blog - motivated by @john the true mvp


Busan is where i was born. Treat it with respect! :slight_smile:


i… love… this… thread… :fork_and_knife:


REALLLLLLLLY!?! ill take extra photos there for you! want to try busan taeboki since its different, basically busan style flavours!


please do something about my account not allowing me to give enough :heart: to people :cryingjordan:

love you guys!


stop posting “i dont have enough heart excuses” as the reason for not “:hearts:” my posts :smiley:


late for work lol, different sentimental values between a like and heart. actually one takes more effort teehee