Flash Crash? Cringe Worthy



Why the flash crash just now? I knew when it broke below $9k, it would trigger a bunch of stop losses, but damn. Anyone have any insight on what FUD is causing the sell off the last few hours? Is this the work of Satan, I mean Soros? Rockefeller? I had to turn off the charts. I can’t watch anymore! @peter cue the sad music. Haha


‘‘Tis but a scratch”, is what Peter might say.
I would like to know as well. It seems I normally find out days to weeks later.
For all we know some whale converted bitcoin to alt coin holdings.
The opposite happened last month, and drove the price up. Also learn about mount Gox. There is a trustee that is basically legally bound to sell off large sums of BTC to pay off creditors.
My point is don’t worry about it, the price always comes back up.


Someone, somewhere is looking out for us Friday DCAers.


Prices go up and down, there’s usually some pull back before the next rally. Just look at the chart back in time…


Uptick exchange in Korea got stormed by the jackboots. Seems Koreans still hold mucho sway in the btc market.


My thoughts exactly. Time to dca!




Let’s not act surprised, ya can’t spend it on anything cept marketing stunt lambos…

This pig is dying…


I thought the Mt. Gox was done with the selloff. I know he has quite a few more BTC, but I thought I read that he wasn’t required to liquidate. I an min this for the long haul, but I just like to be in the know, as to what FUD is driving it down. Many of my peers look towards me for answers and I like to sound knowledgeable. I’ve been so slammed at the office, I haven’t had much time to devote to crypto. Wasn’t sure if I missed something. Tis but a sniff.


In the grand scheme of things, I know it is nothing. I am overly analytical on market sentiment. TA is less than accurate and I believe market sentiment is the major factor in price fluctuation. I like to research what FUD or news dictates these price moves, to see future dips and make some gains for another seat on the rocketship. When moon? Haha


Here is my thread. It has multiple videos from different content creators that explain much
My last post explains what happened last night and this morning.
My first post explains why I believe the bear market is over and why this and next year will be good years. I invest @ $7k. This has been a good year for me, tell your peers to hold or hodl.


Oh those dramatic Koreans :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, bro. I will certainly be a look. I’ve coached most of them enough to where they know this is a minimum of a 5-7 year hold. Quite a bit of them haven’t been through enough FUD to not be skerd. Luckily, I came across @peter fairly early in my journey a little over a year ago. He has solidified my stone fists clinched. Haha

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