First mining rig, need assistance



I can run 4 x 6GPU rigs plus a fan and still run a PC and other gear in one room, so I imagine your 1 rig shouldn’t be too much for your circuits.

You’re probably right about mining - it’s not a good time to get into it right now as it’s the least profitable it’s been for a year.


I’m wondering if I should sell 2 of my 1070s and just keep two 1070s and two 1080 Ti’s that I have running right now. Or just keep them all and use the two 1070s and build my family a gaming computer with SLI. lol. I’m not hurting for the money, but thinking if maybe cool to build them a gaming computer.

Or better yet, I’ll give them to my brother in law and my father in law to upgrade their gaming computer! THEN that would be priceless because that would put me on their favorite list. lol


I must say the mining rig just looks so beautiful at night. With my cyberpower pc gaming computer coming in that also has a 850w evga power supply along with a 1080 Ti in it, I think I’ll be drawing too much power from one circuit since this living room has my two Xbox ones and a 65” tv…probably gonna move the rig to the other living room as I believe the power in the front living room is coming from a different circuit per my circuit breaker panel


Its been real miners! Gonna just keep my two 1080 Ti’s and sell off my 4 1070s. Too paranoid about straining the eletrical supply on the house and risking a fire or damage on a 15A circuit. I’m selling two 1070s and giving the other two to my father in law and brother in law as a Christmas gift lol. The two 1080’s, I’ll keep it on my mining rig running with the ethenlargementpill to contribute to the space, while safely mining without straining my home’s electrical system especially since I’m having a large split duct AC unit installed in the next few weeks. With the rest of the potential gain in coins, I’ll just continue to buy from Abra and collect that ETC and BTC!

I know I know, I spent money on this rig, thus I am going to keep the other components along with the two 1080 Ti’s to still take part in mining, but at a lower scale. The two 1080 Ti’s with the eth pill will be running at 160 watts each, add on 90-100 watts for the rig components, that’ll come out to rougly 420 watts total coming from one circuit. Along with my xbox one x set up (135 watts), other xbox one X connected to the Samsung 65" TV (245 watts?), bose cinemate 15 (300 watts per mfcr specs), 8 LED light bulbs (13 watts each) in the living room. Plus a few fans in the same living room. With the upcoming split duct AC unit, it’ll probably be an overload in this one area. But I’ll leave the AC unit issue to the installers.

Otherwise I’ll continue to mine with the 4 1070 cards, throw one of the 1080 Tis into my gaming PC to do a SLI set up, and throw the third 1080 Ti into another gaming computer later down the road. What do you guys think? Am I being too paranoid?


There is the option to bring in an electrician to inspect and/or upgrade the power delivery in the house. However, giving the 1070’s away to family is a good option.


That is true. I could hire an electrician to inspect and upgrade to the power system. Then I thought about it and it maybe best to just give the 1070s away to family as a awesome Christmas gift and just continue to buy coins.

Dam guys, this mining adventure has been fun but short lived for me because of the extraneous variables that came up after the fact. I was stupid to not look further into the eletrical situation. But then again, I learned my lesson and learned how to mine and how to build rig. I believe I should be safe by running the two 1080 Tis alone…that’ll be 320 watts plus the rig parts (100watts) = 420 watts, which is well under the recommended limit of continuous electrical power use through my living room circuit even with the other mentioned electrical stuff in that living room. I appreciate your thoughts and input @seikin


Wait!! Before I give away or sell anything, just want to see if what I did is right. It seems my rig is connected to my backyard/Lanai switch on the circuit panel. My max AMP per my circuit breaker panel for the house is 125 amps and this rig is using is now using 760 watts (current max power draw limit set on HIVE OS to 660 watts for all 6 cards) including the +100 watts estimated for rig parts. When I was testing out the circuit panel to see which switch belongs to which, it seems my entertainment center with the large TV and xbox and Bose home theater is connected on a different switch.

Thus, everything in front of my living room turns off when I turn off one switch and the other switch turns off the back of the living room and outside lanai lights (which has flood lights we barely use).

Next to my rig in the back living room is my xbox one x set up with monitor and speakers drawing 135 watts. Along with my google wifi router (9 watt power consumption), netgear CM500 cable modem (18 watts based on 1.5amp x 12volts), three 13 watt light bulbs (39 watts), Bionaire tower fan (40 watts), Vornado large fan (68 watts).

Majority of the time I don’t have the xbox system on continuously, only on some nights when playing online with BF1. I don’t have all 3 light bulbs on continuously, mostly the one floor lamp with one bulb on at night. But if I did have everything on, I would be drawing about 74% of that 1440 watt limit.

My question is, is this consider one circuit? Is one of those switches on the circuit panel considered one circuit?

Also, I’m thinking about just leaving the mining rig on during the day while I’m at work for about 8-10 hours and when I come home, turn it off so that I can freely use my xbox system and other things connected around this area of the house without worrying about the mining rig along with the other stuff here drawing too much power on the circuit. Thus, the rig would be working for 8-10 hours a day and also when I leave the house for trips and such, I’ll leave the mining rig on while away since someone will always be home but not be in my man space. Since this is a hobby, I’m thinking of just doing this and turning it off at night so I don’t have to deal with worry about the overload electricity use and the awful heat thats created right behind me. My question for this paragraph is, what do you think about this approach and how many of you just mine for part of the day and not 24/7?


Despite this strategy, today I decided to turn it off while I’m at work for 8 hrs just in case something happens and then when I come home, I’ll turn the miner back on to mine for 12 hours overnight then turn it off in the morning again. I wanted some input from you guys before I go back to leaving my miner on 24/7 again which I never ran into any problems with when I had 5 cards (four 1070 and one 1080 Ti), but now that I added one more 1080 Ti to max out the 6 card capacity on my mining rig, I got really worried about the electrical use. I toned down the power draw watts to 90 watts per 1070 card and 150 per 1080Ti card. I do notice that the 1080Ti works optimally with 160 watts with the ethenlargement pill.


I run my ASIC miners 24/7, my GPU rigs run on solar and on off-peak electricity. I switch the GPU rigs off between 3pm and 9pm during peak power on week days, everything runs 24 hours a day on weekends due to cheaper power.

With regards to running it safely, mine is fine as I allowed for excess power when I built my house, enough to run a heated swimming pool if I wanted to.

I suggest if safety is a concern, bring in an electrician.


Ok so I moved my xbox set up to another part of the living room that is connected to separate circuit on the panel. Feels better when I’m playing games on my xbox…no heat behind my back. lol.

Thus, my watts usage is 826 watts to include my lamp, fan, google wifi router, a one iPhone charger, one laptop charger. Equals out to 57% of probable continuous usage! Way less than the 80% limit of 1440 watts. Now, I’m actually calculating this by the 1440w limit and not the max 1800w limit. Looks like I’m all good and no need to call an electrician because its on a 15 amp circuit and during the day, this is the only thing that’ll be on in this section of the house. Do you agree?

However, since its getting friggin hot and humid now in Hawaii (ac is yet to be installed), I am either thinking of turning off my rig during the daytime or turning on a separate flight sheet in hiveOS to use the lowest watts setting that I can while keeping the rig on even if that is cutting down on my mining hash rate. But then again, I keep telling myself this is a hobby, I don’t rely on this thing for income and its just for fun, so then I justify to myself that I can let go and turn off…lol. What do you think?

As you can see, I love discussions and opinions of others. Keep my mind going and this forum flowing.