Finding out new listings on binance


This may just be my monumental ignorance but everyone has seen coins skyrocket the second they get listed on binance. Does binance release a new API the literal second it gets listed? Or is there a way to write a script that tells you the second a new coin gets listed?


My bots tell me as soon as something appears on Binance, but the bot won’t trade it until I flag it as OK.

Every time something gets listed, it tends to have a pretty large dump for the first few days.
So I give it a few days to settle before I let the bots consider it for trading.

Also yes, pretty easy to write a script to generate an alert for when something new turns up.

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@peter has expressed the ability several months back of the APIs/feeds he pulls for Coinpuffs to see newly listed coins. I haven’t seen whether anything has been built around that information, but being first to know about something on the dexs could be useful. More recently, communities of sought after projects now advertise the fact that their tokens are being traded on dexs pre-larger listings, so being quick on the dexs is relatively advantageous.


That’s what I wanted to do, Play with new ones since there’s so much price action just to increase my portfolio a little bit since I can’t put as much of my salary in as I want to


It’s a good way to go if you’re comfortable using the dexs, but you may do better in the long run by getting into pre-sales. Think of it as getting in 2-5x earlier than the coins you’re buying on exchange.


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Why you do not give them auto buy action?

There are a lot of bots for this, i know.

So the best thing is predict the next coin.

Chicocrypto is still on Deepbrain Chain. We’ll see.


Look at the BCN fiasco when it listed on Binance.

Nah, I don’t let my bots look at anything new until it stabilises and I manually say they are OK to trade.

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