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After preliminary research in the Pub (around december 2017), I found that a lot of the usual exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp, Gdax, HitBTC, Kraken and others) were not accepting new clients or it was not possible to verify myself. Bummer. It’s somewhat improved (end january 2018), but not - lets say - without glitches. Among other things, the time it takes that your fiat arrives at the chosen exchange ec the coin arrives in your wallet can be extensive.

So I started looking for and researching exchanges where my fiat in cryptoformat arrives more or less instantly in my wallet.

I live in The Netherlands, where the e-commerce profile is:
iDEAL, MasterCard, Visa, SEPA Credit Transfer (standard online bank transfer), SEPA, Direct Debit (‘eenmalige machtiging’, incasso), PayPal, AfterPay, American Express

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‘iDEAL’ is the most used method in the Netherlands and in general the exchange of fiat is instant.

I used to search for alternative exchanges. You can select your country and the preferred payment method. ‘Buybitcoinworldwide’ gave 6 options:

Coinbase, Bitonic, BL3P, Bitrush, Anycoin Direct and HappyCoins. Later I found Litebit.

    “Buy bitcoins fast and reliably using iDeal, Bancontact or MyBank. Bitonic has been active since May 2012”.

They ask to verify your bank account number if you wish to order more than 50 euros worth of bitcoin per week. The process includes giving a mobile number and emailadress. After doing that, the process is very fast.

I bought my first Bitcoin here. In under a minute they arrived in Exodus against reasonable fees.

    ’HappyCoins’ is simular as Bitonic. It offers iDEAL end SEPA. The fees are displayed when buying so (€8.70 on €100), but they can be pretty steep when buying more. They also have a vast veryfying process.

Just to try, i bought for €50, got around €35 worth of bitcoin (…) in less then 5 minutes.

Bitrush and Anycoin seemed to resemble ‘happycoins’, so i decided to stay happy without their coins.

    "Buy Bitcoins, Litecoins and many other crypto currencies at!", like Dash, Decred, Dogecoin (yeah!), ETH, LTC, XMR and XRP. They accept iDeal, SOFORT, GiroPay, SEPA, Bancontact, MyBank. When you order, their fees (transaction and blockchain) are visible.

I bought my last batches of BTC, ETH and LTC here. After buying, the crypto arrived in under 7 minutes (Exodus or Binance).

  1. Coinbase / GDAX / Kraken

After several tries, i got verified by KYC procedures.

I found that fees from the first 3 are somewhat higher then 4. (trough higher prices).

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