Finally made a decision to buy


So bitcoin has dropped and I want to take this opportunity.
It’s my first time and I have little knowledge about buying and selling. I am in Hong Kong. I made an account with anxpro but verification is taking a while. And I don’t want to lose the chance before bitcoin Goes back up. . Is it wise to buy from bitcoin ATM and store in Anxpro? Would it be safe there?


I’ve never actually heard of anyone buying from an ATM. I bet the price is expensive and the fees are outrageous. Find a quality exchange in your country to buy from and then send to a quality wallet. I’ve not heard about anxpro either. Exodus is good for a PC wallet, Paper and USB are the safest options for storage though


Thanks. What do you mean by paper?


You can print out a paper wallet and store that somewhere safe. No one has figured out a way to hack paper yet! :wink:


You have made the right decision in terms of the long-term investment because my research about this topic so far has convinced me, that the crash of the prices was connected with the market correction that happens sometimes and is usually followed by a growth. Thus, buying bitcoins and holding now is a right decision in terms of long-term perspectives and you will benefit from it soon.

Good luck!