Finally did it - sent Crypto to the wrong address!


FORTUNATELY…it was my own address - sending $10 in LTC plus the fee to get a PDF,

transaction in the wallet looks weird - like it came back to myself - sure enough the site never gets it

check the transaction…and I sent it…to myself

cut and paste on that site was a little wonky and I suspect when I did the stare and compare of the first and last parts of the address I just saw it below or in the other field and brainfarted it

a 17 cent lesson in doublechecking your addresses people - even if they do match make sure it’s the RIGHT address - LOL


Funny post, lol. It’s good you did not lose fund because that happens when you suddenly mislead any account information. Luckily that was yours. Otherwise, I don’t think you can get it back. That’s one of the drawbacks of the system, on the other it teaches being very careful, which is an important life skills :slight_smile: