Feature: Add filter options


A lot of times I want to see how the coins moved in the last 24, but the crap coins make it unusable to sort it.

Can we add some basic filters to limit the sorts to the top 20 (or whatever) or those with a market cap greater than X?

Nothing overly complex, but something that helps filter out crap coins.

PS - if there is a way to know what coins are crap coins ($0 market cap seems to be a good starting point), that’d be useful too.


Another more complicated feature would be to allow multi-sorts.

Ex -
Sort by 24h % Change ASC
Sort by Market cap DESC


Also,there is a problem moving to second page after sorting the coins. Once you have sorted by let say % change. then you want move from the top 100 to the next 100 coins. it automatically changes the sorts back to default so you never get to see past the first page in the new sorting.