Experience with Huobi.pro exchange?


Has anyone used huobi.pro exchange? What are your experiences?

I like their website design and exchange features. Kinda similar to binance. I could not get into any huobi tokens due to being a US citizen.

However they don’t have any transaction/trade history reporting features yet. Also cointracking.info doesn’t have any API imports or import features yet.

Also, I have had trouble withdrawing coins out of their exchange. I got rejected twice for some reason.


Hey, the reason your withdrawal are getting rejected is likely due to not have triple factor authorization set up. I had that problem as well.


I have 2-factor authorization with google authenticator. Still got rejected twice.
I guess i can try again another day to see if it will work. :slight_smile:


2 factor is not enough, look into the settings for the third factor and enable it.


2 factor authentication with google authenticator as well as email confirmation code(3rd factor).
Isn’t that enough? If not what else did you have?

I did a withdraw with these 3 factors. Let’s see again.


It got rejected again. Those support folks lack proper communication skills as to what needs to be done. :frowning:


I added phone confirmation code. Will that satisfy? :slight_smile:

Wow, you need a couple of hours to withdraw anything from here.


I think phone confirmation was the 3rd, yes. Would check but have been on mobile all day


Yes bro, with the phone confirmation it worked. :slight_smile:

Man these guys are the most secure for withdrawing but really pain to withdraw any coin. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your info bro.


Now that I have transacted some coins there, next step is to ask them to produce a spreadsheet for tracking purposes. They don’t have any transaction/trading history downloads. I have requested that for support. The more people request the better. :slight_smile:

Also I noticed they have an API import feature, but cointracking.info needs to add that to their site. So have requested them as well, but again they are taking their own sweet time. lol

That’s how the crypto world works. :wink:


When you purchase a Bit on Houbie, should you move to Balances—Deposit–withdraw. What is this feature—is it a place to store coin until trading again. I am Newbie—completely baffeled…???is there a tutorial somewhere to smarten me up.


After your purchase from an exchange you could keep it at the exchange or move it to a hardware wallet of your choice. If you move it to a hardware wallet, you have the private key and that is a lot safer vs if you keep in exchange and that gets hacked for some reason.

In huobi after your purchase, the coins can be viewed in the deposits and balance.


Do you have to do the KYC where you have to show your id and all that?

I dont want to do that. Im really going there to get ELASTOs.

So, can i trade with just crypto and not have to worry about any of that other stuff?


Yeah you could get verified by uploading your driver’s license. I bought some ELA as well. But you won’t be able to withdraw immediately. They might make you wait some time before letting you withdraw as I found out trying to withdraw ZIL.


So you HAVE to be verified to do anything on there then, correct?


I don’t think you need to be verified to do trades etc. But I think in order to withdraw you might need to be verified. To be verified you need to upload driver’s license image.


I might have to pass then. Because id want to send what i bought to MEW.


The coin finally showed up in Accounts and Balance—after week—I had no idea what had happened–now I am afraid to touch. If I move to Nano S do you suppose I will wait weeks again?


Maybe something is up with the network.