Ethereum classic making moves



“Code is law” aside, ETC just has more room to moon. At just $17 per ETC, what if it’s $1K or more in 5 years? Plus I’m excited about the new ETC developments like the Emerald wallet, being built with scalability in mind, and being built to be compatible with the internet of things. Lots of cool features to “nerd out” about. Oh, and I also like that ETC isn’t pushing to have any one person as the leader, kind of following Bitcoin’s model.


Totally agree with that. Although i wish we could get to a point we dont have to think in terms of dollar. Hopefully one day :slight_smile:



Cool interview so far. My 5 year hodls are now split between ETC, Iota, and DBC. Blockchain, IOT, and AI. :bitrocket:


On coinpuffs it shows LTC as featured,aren’t the featured coins ones that you hold?


this pack of nerds will implement something right after child bearing hips charlie from Cardano~ so thats never, right after never

science projects abound


I’m very bullish for ETC as well but to be honest they could do much better in term of marketing.


I was also questioning this. The Dogelord told us he jumped out of Litecoin, so I have been waiting for Litecoin to be removed from the featured list ever since, but so far nothing has happened.

In the same vein I noticed that Ethereum is now a “Featured” coin, which is interesting since we know where Peter stands in regards to Ethereum.


Nothing makes sense in this crypto world.


Is the site incorrect? Do you hold ETH?


Yeh. We get paid in ETH. Just waiting for it to go up so I can sell it.


Ah ok I see,but LTC is no longer a hodl of yours right?


Wow, ETC up 22% now. I bought more 0x, BAT, GNT, and ZIL this morning but no ETC. Doh!



Coinbase will make some nice change off the ETC they held after the fork. Wondering whats going to happen when people start to complain about their ETC that is held by coinbase. Its gonna look shady has hell if they dont address this.
I posted this in another thread. Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on this.


I don’t think it’s that big of a deal en mass.


They have already addressed this and stated that if you held on ETH on GDAX and didn’t sell before (specified date) you will get your ETC.


This is great as I had a bit in there. Woot!