Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



for now there is no exchange supporting it…you need to store in classicetherwallet for now


be careful mate not to send to MEW … you should send to classic ether wallet…totally different thing…careful for phishing sites too if you dont use hardware wallet mate


Useful countdown page ⇓

Ethereum Classic Fork Countdown


I know its a noob question but Bittrex will support the fork? Someone knows about this?


If I use my ledger address on classicetherwallet, would I be able to receive CLO?


If you’re looking to pick up CLO, ETC essentially formed triple bottom, so likely right around lowest you can get it between now and the Callisto token release date.

Just be careful, though. ETC did just jump up to this plateau so presumably CLO’s value now priced in, so you have to ask yourself if buying ETC now is worth it, esp. if you’re not planning to HODL longer term.


That’s what I’ve been asking myself - do I want CLO? if not, do I just want to ride ETC up before the fork etc…


Does free clo ever hurt? You can just dump the etc after the drop. I personally expect a quick sharp dip in etc afterwards once it’s all over. But etc is a long hold so eh.


Well, for the IGNIS airdrop the dump happened a few days before. But of course, this might be a different situation.


0o0o0o0oman here comes the Dump FUD!


well no wonder you pumping that ETC! LOL


Interesting action on ETC now - maybe will get dumped even more the next days if there are more taking profit instead hunting the air drop… Where are the hodlers in here? @peter


Well, as the Patreons know, it’s a long term hodl for me. So strong hands.


:smile:You just want me to finally sign for patron :yum:

But yeah - maybe i should just do that…


Volume incoming :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:


Is anybody else having issues with classicetherwallet? It shows wrong ETC balance when i use “View with Address Only” Sometimes 0 sometimes ridiculous amounts of ETC.


July 2 2017 Classic Ether Wallet Hacked, Users Report Massive Losses

I’m scared of ClassicEtherwallet


Wasn’t aware of that, thanks @AmorFati displays balance just fine though. Its only a test amount of etc there. Still deciding whether to deposit on that address to obtain CLO. So you guys don’t use classic ether wallet to obtain CLO?


You guys should see the last minute shopping action! Feels like Christmas eve! :santa:t3::zap::moneybag:


That you @peter ??? :thinking::santa:t3::moneybag::moneybag::doge::rocket::rocket::rocket: