ETC on 3gb cards?


So up until the past 2 days I have been mining ETC on Nvidia 1060 3gb cards to Hodl for Calypso however both rigs with 1060 3gb cards have stopped working on ETC saying they are not able to create the DAG file for the cards?

I have already made sure the Virtual Memory on both rigs are over 16 Gb.

Anyone have any suggestions?


The memory for each individual card is what counts for loading the DAG file, as each individual GPU has to load the file to hash anything. The DAG’s size has been over 2gb for a while and it has probably gotten large enough to where your 3gb cards won’t load it, most likely nothing wrong with your cards or rig, just the cards are too outdated for mining ETC or ETH
The ETC DAG looks like it’s about 2.39gb so even tho it’s technically under the 3gb each you are running
But most devices aren’t perfect and can’t untilize every last drop of internal RAM

Can check this link here at the bottom if you want to see the size files for other coins you can swap too, but I would if I were you try to resell them asap on eBay, and until they sell mine one of these other coins


yep it’s been said since time ago 3gb cards will be useless for Eth mining due to memory limitations.

Thats why 8gb AMDs and 11 gb Nvidias are popular, more future proof.


This isn’t completely true though. 3gb will work for atleast another year on ETH and then 6gb will get us through something like 2021 long after the card is no longer valid. This is why many stated that the extra price for the 8gb and 11gb was not worth it.

On the forums here it is stated that the ETC DAG size is always bigger than ETH and have a link to a DAG size calculator. At work so not able to check it out.


for the $30 of difference either in cryptomining and for gaming resale, they are very well worth it IMO :grinning:


Well looks like both my 3gb rigs will be pointed to something other than ETC/ETH from now on. Was just trying to bank up some more ETC before the new chain is blocked in. They have always been on Zec/Zen/Zcl/Hush before. I had stopped mining Eth based coins on them when ETH difficulty spiked.

I originally got 3Gb cards because they were DIRT cheap back when I picked them up. They have easily doubled if not tripled the ROI so I am not too worried about what they mine now anyways.


I am in the same boat as you as the vast majority of my cards are the 1060 3gb’s.


@Nekko I changed all my 3gb cards to mining on Miningpoolhub and picked ETC as my payout. Basically I am mining ZEC/ZCL/ZEN/BTG and getting paid out in ETC. They have a ton of coins you can be paid out for. SO much better than just Nicehash with BTC.


I may check it out but I do not like that I need to use Windows for it or at least that is the impression i am getting after looking at it on the website.


You shouldnt need to use Windows. You just need to change your pool settings (Simple mining OS should work just fine)

  1. Register on the web site.

  2. Change your config file on your miner (Here is the command line to the Equihash algo switching)

  3. Go into the “auto exchange” section on minigpoolhub. Once there you wills see “Auto Exchange to” with a drop down. Select the coin you would like to exchange to (right now I am doing ETC)

  4. On the right side of the screen you will see “Exchange Availability and Settings” section. That will give you the option of selecting what coins you want exchanged to in #3 above. (I turn off ETC/ETH and ZEN because I am trying to bank those 3)

  5. Once it starts mining you can go to the “Balances” section and see what your balance is on each coin. They have it broken down to

Normal Wallet- This is the coin balance that you are saving and not exchanging (For me its ETH/ETC/ZEN)

Auto Exchange Wallet- This is the balance that you have earned "Confirmed(Unconfirmed) for each coin you have been mining.

On Exchange- This is the balance you have on the exchanges waiting to be switched to the coin you selected in your “Auto Exchange” section.

Let me know what mining program you are using and I can help you get it configured if you would like. I really like the amount of coins you can auto exchange to on this pool. Once I bank my target on ETH/ETC and ZEN I will be switching over to LTC/BTC to start banking them as well.

Another thing I thought of last night at work is you can almost do an arbitrage trading with the pool… Let say you are mining Equihash and auto exchanging to BTC and BTC has been steady with no change in price, but you see LTC has dropped 10% on the day. Switch your Auto Exchange to LTC and gain more coins!

I plan on doing this after I get my ETC/ETH/ZEN targets

Inside the actual coin’s section you will find a section called “Transactions” If you look there you will see how often the auto exchanges happen. Looks like an average of once every 3-5 hrs for me.


That seems like a mess for taxes at least for US citizens. I mean if you are paid out in a coin and then the program auto exchanges it for the coin you want and pays you I would be better off just mining on NiceHash as I am only hitting one taxable event when they pay me BTC.

I wish you the best with this I will not be switching to it as any possible savings I may get from this will be eaten up by my time to do paper work. Time is the only currency you cannot get more of so I am looking for stuff that increases my profit/time ratio. This would reduce that or at least seems like it reduces it.


Actually taxes are one of the reasons I am so happy to see this working. I am in the U.S.

From what I have been led to understand the taxable event is when you are paid out by the pool. If they auto exchange it for me to what ever currency I want it’s no different really than Nicehash where you are mining Zec and they are paying in BTC. I have it set up so that on my “Payout Day” I pay myself from the pool to my hardware wallet and add it to Bitcointax all at once. It has actually saved me time from the old way I was keeping track of my payouts.


Actually it can be extremely different depending on the mechanics. If you are in control of those coins at any point then it is the same as if you were trading yourself it doesn’t matter if it is automatic or not. NiceHash you never see the coins you are mining you are paid just on pure hashing power.


Just watched this video that explains how MiningPoolHub works.

It seems that the auto exchange is operating out of your wallets so you are in control of those funds at some point. Maybe @Peter_Rehm could touch base on this. It seems to me that this is the same as if I was to mine a coin send it to an exchange and trade it for another coin, but it is automating this entire process through their exchange accounts. In turn it looks like this. Mined coin to your wallet, they withdraw and exchange it, deposit to your wallet. There may be some nuance that I am missing but I do not see this as tax friendly as NiceHash.



Your mining reward is taxable once it is sent to your MiningPoolHub wallet NOT to one of the 3 exchanges that you select. The person making the video indicates the mining pool could be mining Electroneum/ Monacoin/ Bitcoin/ Litecoin. The reward is then “credited and confirmed” in the MiningPoolHub wallet. It then sends that out the mining reward to one of the three exchanges. I see the question of “how often your reward is posted to your MiningPoolHub wallet (eg daily, weekly, etc)” is not exactly clear. It seems to be whenever a reward is distributed.

Depending on your elections the fee that you pay is either an addition to the cost basis of your inventory or it is a period expense. The easiest way (my preference only) is to treat it as an addition to the cost of the coin (Implied cost = FMV of the confirmed coin on the date it’s confirmed). What a pain!! Just be consistent across any/ all mining pools in which you participate.

Tax wise this may not work out too well – at year end you may have taxable coin sitting in your mining pool wallet that has not been sent to an exchange for liquidation into fiat for payment of taxes. My opinion is that there should be a feature in all of the mining pools which flushes your wallet balances out to exchanges at the end of the year (unless there is some economically untenable fiat denominated amount in there).