ETC: How do I claim Callisto airdrop?


Hi there doges

I was wondering if any other ETC holders know anything the process involved with claiming the CLO airdrop. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


We talked about it on this topic; Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!

I think the easist way is to send your MyEtherWallet public adress and then you will be able to see ETC at


Anyone knows if Exodus will support or not?



Cheers! Might stay away from MEW atm because of all the inner turmoil it seems to be suffering with but will have a glance look at those other two links you posted.


Dear doges, any ideas if we should hodl ETC or get ready for some short term profits. Parabolic growth makes me think what is next. How long can we continue to go up. I wouldn’t want to miss on that.
Also i dont want to sell too early


Looks like a huge pump but we have to see what happens after the airdrop.


Thanks alot man!

20 char


As per usual I reckon this will dump short term from all the people riding the pump but long term will go hit $100+ EOY. Really depends where you bought at if you wanna time it. Personally I bought a fair amount of my stack at $14 and unless it BTC dies again its not gonna hit that number anytime soon. Historically I found that holding is the best for big gains take it from someone who bought CND ICO and then sold it for a loss a few months later (it went 30x after I sold).


I think that if you hold your private keys you are good. And i remember that i have some bitcoin on my Exodus and i totally forgot that i maybe have option to claim my BCH. I checked and on Exodus was tutorial how to claim BCH


If you enter development mode in the EXODUS wallet you can export your private keys allowing you to claim your CLO through another wallet that does support it.


waiting for the callisto drop and etc value to go back down toward 20 to buy in more


Good info. Thanks for the links.


Im lost here . trying to move my etc from exodus to my coinomi wallet any suggestions after i have the private key


I have never used coinomi so no I do not have any suggestions sorry.


I used ClassicEtherWallet. I’m not sure if Coinomi supports the drop though, so you should double check.



Just verified that Coinomi IS supported.


Cool now the question is how safe is coinomi :confused:


Lol hopefully safe long enough to withdraw the ETC and Callisto after it drops!