End of the Bear Market coming in May


I am still super new here and to crypto.
We need to get more normal people with strong hands in the game.
Get our market cap up so whale and big money can’t manipulate as easily.


Personal message inbound.


I am trying to get my 1st. This market makes it much easier.


Last year end of 2017, there was a rumor that big money was coming and people pumped it, thinking something big was coming. Artificial pump comes in to boost it from 16k towards 20k, and the smart money started taking profits and we are where we are now. Thing is, smart money is patient as hell, retail investors not so much, so its the fomo and fud show, 365 days a year

I’ll go by the rinse and repeat cycle, which is if btc bottoms for real this time, dumb money sells and then smart money comes in

I don’t know any market that recovers that fast after a bottom, bull run after a bottom would more likely happen end of year


that’s the plan but to many people are just shorting eric…sadly. I’m holding with you brother, fiat and USD is doomed any way. We will see a economic collapse this year in totality hell, the stock market its already happening.


I’m going to go with June for a boost, instead of May.

Mostly because it happened in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

History has a funny way of repeating.

Stay Fishy


right on…I just have a huge feeling though since more people are watching, something big is coming that we cannot even begin to imagine…I feel it I cant explain it any further.


Would be funny/interesting to see if last year pans out exactly like this year. We need a bull run in June/July to be on track!

I guess we’ll have to see… what are people’s thoughts?




At this point I’m glad it dumped. Wish I never lost money but I have time to buy more


daily chart should give a big clue by end of first week in april…Im still bullish…just!


Just don´t forget the bigger picture guys. That is all that matters. Zoom out. It will happen.


Priceless! Brought a real smile to my face. That is a hard thing to do my friend.


Thank you for starting this topic, we have more than enough doom and gloom market threads going.

I have been meditating and researching a lot of what has been happening in crypto and have been adapting my thinking along the way. I tend to speculate on a lot on things. I love a good discussion and being able to bounce ideas around with you peeps.

First I would like to say my opinion that we are not in a bear market. Here are the reasons why I have come to this opinion:

-Volume. Daily trading volume although has come down from December/early January, has not diminished low enough to define this as a bear market. Trading volume first entered the double digit billions in late November 2017 (Were we in a bear market before that? ) and the market is still currently trading between $10B and $20B daily. High trading activity is an important sign that a market is alive and healthy.

-Fundamentals / Good news. It’s been non-stop positive developments for the market. The news wont stop talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

-Binance adding more fiat parings
-CBOE urging regulators to approve Bitcoin ETF’s
-Lightning Network launched

Although we are in a “down trend” I don’t believe this is a sign of a bear market.

A lot of people talk about the run from 10K to 20K was 'stupid money' or people FOMOing into the market. I believe this is actually where a lot of the really smart money entered the market to put us into the current situation we are in (big short sellers). Bitcoin futures launched in December, big money bought up BTC and moved the needle to 20K so that they could begin shorting the market. Selling Bitcoin to hit your futures targets, buying bitcoin on the cheap to bring the price back up, rinse and repeat. If you have a lot of money (*cough cough* Mike Novogratz) Bitcoin futures to me are basically a license to make money. Because BTC has limited supply the needle is very easy to move for the big players.

I believe that we will soon see long contracts and the needle on BTC will “magically” follow. There is so much money to be made for these traders doing this.

Bitcoin is becoming a multi-dimensional economic beast and I believe we are going to see Spring / Summer higher and higher price action starting. I am more bullish now than I have ever been on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


Who knows what will show the future…the market has surprised many times. I hope there will be many projects with rock stable exchange rate soon. I already know one with solid backing, decentralized storage cloud Nebula Network. I thing it can be rising star in this year…


I just know bitcoin and crypto is the future. I think the initial video has very plausible explanations. I honestly don’t know the guy who posted it. Nor do I indorse any thing he says.
WHEN there is another bull run, that will get the publics attention. Problem is many people will lose their shirts, because most will not understand proper investment. They will buy high and sell low, not ideal. Hopefully more hold than we expect.


or when Chinas new year was over :rofl:


https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/nlEDiRKm-RAW-AND-NASTY-BEAR-MAGIC-IS-BACK-BITCOIN-BTC/ magicpoop has spoken


meh people always predict when the next bull will come… Just be patient and buy while it’s still low


All of a sudden i like magicpoop more, this is what i’ve beed thinking of for weeks. To be fair, people call the stock market a ponzi, so at this point, its short hand for buyers are running out