End of the Bear Market coming in May


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I agree with this post heavily. Are we in a bear-ish market in the short term? Sure, but you have to remember the bigger picture. I consider myself a long term investor, so here’s what I do. When I zoom out of the charts, read the cryptocurrency news, watch projects develop, and countries easing themselves into blockchain as a standard, there’s no way this selling is sustainable in the long term. I think people need to learn a bit of patience and watch this volatile market develop. There’s no rush, and the time to accumulate is during these times. Yes I am sort of biased since I do live by blockchain and crypto, but I’m aware of what I’ve gotten into and remain bullish moving forward.


4 hour chart doing its best to start the bull riding season…lets hope it does 8 days rather than 8 seconds tho! :joy:


So far - January will be the biggest, February, March, End of Chinese new year, now May. 2018 is to be the best year. I’ll believe it when I see it at this point. Not all of us can afford to take the “let’s go underground again” stance, unfortunately :-/


At the end of the day, BTC has been floating around 8k. I remember buying my first btc around 2600$ and then it staying around the 2700$-4k range for awhile before lifting off, We need to remember last year January btc was 700$… 700! Let thank sink in. If we got in any time last year before Summer we are still up bigly. With this kind of market, no we may not be up 10000%, but its important to be grateful to be up enough in a short period of time that still outperformed any other investment in the same time frame. Just been seeing a lot of FUD and thought I would try to open some eyes - we are still winning.


I don’t know when it will happen but I known it will. Whenever I see Peter talking to reporters in his lambo or guys like in the video below talking about BTC years ago, I get more bullish than ever! Now to see what he says now? No choice but to agree with the opinions of those who are experienced. :rocket:

Please look at the dates of both videos and read the descriptions


I have also heard were getting the alien disclosure in April 2018 wow what a year this is going to be.


No way to know when there will be a turn around. For all we know - we might have a whole year bear market.


There are to many insiders colluding for it to be a one year bear market… :man_facepalming:t4:


do u have proof of any insiders colluding for btc?


I have a feeling tonight is going to be a good night for some alts. Triangles nearing completion everywhere


Another indication Bitcoin approaching mainstream.
“The Commission should not stand in the way of such ETPs coming to market” - letter from Cboe President and COO Chris Concannon to the director of the SEC’s division of investment management, Dalia Blass, in response to her letter in January that pushed back on applications for bitcoin-related ETFs.





Amazing. This gives me even more faith that now is the time to be getting in.


I do notice that it looks like Bitcoin is finally consolidating over the last couple of days. We really haven’t seen that happen too much since the big dip earlier this year. It usually does a steady up then a steady down. Not a whole lot of sideways movement. Now it is, and while I’ve pretty much lost faith in TA, I have seen a few instances where it’s agreed that Bitcoin might break out in the next few days. I dunno, I’ve become a bit of a cynic. I’m keeping my investments where they are and basically where they have been for the last 3 months and will just wait it out.


The last times btc consolidated during a bear trend:

13k and 10k before heading to 6k
8k before heading to ?


Price suppression is in full effect. The Cartel is doing their thing futures market was the absolute worst for BTC. Do yourself a favor sell the rallies. The Cartel effectively took 200b out of the market on their first try expect round two.


The more I see since I have gotten into bitcoin, in the short time I have been here. The more I know this thing will expand VASTLY and quickly. Big banks are twisting the SEC into letting Exchange Traded Funds based on crypto, become reality.
They are doing this because they have been and are continuing to acquire Bitcoin.
Once the SEC let’s Crypto ETF’s happen, a flood money will enter this space. Get your coins when you see the bottom.
As I write this BTC is at $7500. Be ready.


Don’t be fooled by thinking the banks are not in bitcoin. I would bet my life they are the biggest holders of bitcoin. Banks are not stupid people and they know how to make money. Bitcoin was on there radar in 2009 at 0.008 cents. Do u honestly believe they would sit back for 9 years and let it climb to 20k and then just think we should now get in this? Common sense tells u they run bitcoin. Rothschild owns a lot I’m sure