End of the Bear Market coming in May


Big money is clearly playing with the market, maybe trying to drive us out before the real Bull Rush starts.

Saw this on YouTube seems like an interesting theory.


This is the link to the Consensus 2018 page


Let me know what you thinks.

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I remember when we were told it was going to end before March.


There is this rumor going around that billions are going to get pumped into btc in May. I hope its true :slight_smile:


The longer we go, the more I think we’re in a year-long bear market. I actually kind of hope so - more chance of me grabbing my second moon ticket if so.


Mkt cap is about $335b, still looks bear, let’s see if May is right.


A few bulls in between wouldn’t hurt. Cuz it can help me make some trade gainz to finally get that ticket! I got strong hands and am very unemotional about the whole bear market, so I don’t mind waiting it out. Gives me more time to stock up fiat to convert and shop wholesale! :shopping_cart::moneybag::laughing:


April 1st 20k BTC???


Its way too early to be April Fooling people! :laughing:

I think that’s stretching it though…


First it was suppose to be in march, then April (like last year) and now it’s May? lol
Is it one of the broken clock time yet? hahah


Bear market will end when bots are banned from using the API’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Mike Fishy


I was told there would be mooning after Asian New Year. Current status of portfolio = not mooned. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the term “mooning” means something different in Australia :sunglasses:

Stay Fishy


Oh my portfolio has mooned. Definitely showing its ass.


Ban the bots alrite! 🛇


That is kind of weak that people can just use bots to manipulate the market


People manipulate the markets, bots just amplify it because of their simple rules processing.

If you watch as closely as I do, there are ways to use that to your advantage.

Am I bad for writing my own bots?

Stay Fishy


The question is not when will it blow, but how much will you be holding when it does? :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


So, my bad bad bot managed to do this today:


I wanted to show you the types of gains you get from a well coded system.
( At least I coded it, so I’m going with well coded :stuck_out_tongue: )

The point being, this is what bots can do and why there is so many of them, however most of them do not self adjust their rules as they go along, plus anything predictable can be taken advantage of.

All the markets have bots. Forex bots, Futures bots, Stock bots, Electrical Grid Wholesale bidding bots (wrote that one too). The world is full of bots. I guess you can either join them, or hodl.

Stay Fishy


I agree…May -June should see another big push like last year


Always good to look at the bigger picture, “tis but a scratch”