Emoji Ideas? Feel free to suggest some! 🤔



And do we have Bitcoin Lambo yet? One of these?


:whenlambo: ~~~> :whenlambo:


:pdealwithit: ~~~> :pdealwithit:


haha, love the name. Cheers, @john!



A thing I have been thinking of often when I see emojis, is that it would be great if they enlarge a bit when you hover over them. Not sure how that would work out on mobile though…



It’s already been made!


Justin Sun partnership announcement pose emoji would be dope.


Yeah, but reeeeeeaaaally tiny. Maybe @john will/can implement some sort of hover/zoom feature. I sometimes can’t make out what I am looking at haha…


Is it possible to rename this to it’s special nerd-meaning spelling, “:mentat:”, with a “t”? If it’s a hassle though, don’t sweat it…


MOU document emoji would be nice.


Sherlock emoji; " :hmmm: "



:hmmm: ~~~> :hmmm: