Email that I always send to people at work who ask me about crypto


Alright here is the standard info I send to people who ask me about crypto. I have removed my affilate links but always remember to put your own in :wink:
Please feel free to modify this, suggest edits, post up your own, or whatever. Its all about getting the word out.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice, this is for informational use only.

First off start here. It teaches the basics about bitcoin

Here is some info on crypto that I follow lots of good market analysis as well as tools to build charts with.

Very entertaining guy who makes a lot of good content every day. He has playlists that teach you the basics all the way up to detailed analysis of current coins and news.

A well spoken trader who teaches the fundamentals and basics of technical analysis

A dad who explains some very useful crypto stuff in step by step dad type fashion

The bitcoin exchanges I use are as follows…
These are specifically for buying bitcoins which then need to be transferred to other exchanges to buy altcoins. Altcoin exchanges don’t sell bitcoin for USD so it’s a pain in the butt extra step.
People typically get started here they don’t have a wait time to get verified but there are better exchanges out there.
I personally use and

One of the best sites for alt coins the reason it is one of the best is because it has one of the largest varieties of coins and it has the highest trade volume of coins. Trade volume is important for liquidity. You don’t want to be stuck holding a coin that you can’t sell.

another popular alt coin exchange is
I personally don’t like this site cause it is ugly and they took 2 months to create my account.

To see the current standings of how much market cap any particular coin has, go to

As far as mining goes.
Check out this guy’s youtube channel.

the above link is to an 8gpu budget build (under $2k)
he has just about every kind of instructional build video you can think of, featuring different parts as well as rigs designed to mine different coins.
His discord channel is good too

Lastly, join the bitcoin pub. is a fantastic community with a wealth of information. Avoid the toxic environment of reddit and just go to the pub.


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Love it. I have a similar one with a couple of added items.

I add links to hardware wallets and explain the difference between the different wallets.

Many of the people that I have worked with on getting them into Crypto stated this was the most useful link I provided them due to its easy to understand wallet explanation. I personally do not care for many of Tai’s video’s but I do think he did a great job with this one.

I also add BitsBeTrippen to the mining section as he has some great in-depth blockchain video’s from a technical perspective to help people understand some of the differences in coins.

Other than that I think you did a great job and is very similar to mine. I did put at the top of the page.
Treat Crypto as Cash if you lose it, or mishandle it; it is gone with no recovery. So you are personally responsible for its safety. You are your own bank!!


i figure that the people i work with won’t own enough to really need a hardware wallet so i just leave that out, as to not overwhelm them with info.

i did link to cryptodad though since he has lots of good videos explaining how to use such things.


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I told my first person today to “join me on the mother ship”.