Elon Musk Explains Why He Shot A Tesla Into Space



Funny video where Elon Musk explains why he shot a Tesla into Space. Best part is where he points out that if you look closely, there’s a Hot Wheels Tesla on the dashboard! He also explains why it looks fake because there is no atmosphere to create visual artifacts and therefore it looks “too crisp”.

(Here’s the REAL reason he shot a Tesla into space! )

Elon Musk: "Ground control to Major Doge!"





The question though is why bother?
Maybe the fakery was intentionally done so poorly precisely so that people would notice?
Still, the reason why is difficult to imagine.


I just wanna cry every time when I see those dump flat-earther videos :joy:


I like conspiracy theories but that car is up there.
If the ISS can survive up there for years (which you can see it with your very eyes using the ISS tracker), what is wrong with placing the car there?
How about all the satellites that they launch and deploy almost every month(which is getting cheaper and easier).
Those are fake too?


I guess some people want to feel special for not accepting a fact. I once argued with a guy who was a big conspiracy theorist and also a flat-earther, and he just basically denied every bloody thing about physics. And during this era, sending any object to space is not that hard just have to be smart and rich, that’s all.