Elixir (ELIX) small cap coin - huge potential gains


Hi Cryptonation, i found this new coin yesterday, Elixir (ELIX), that is currently trading at $0.197228.

What caught my attention was the small supply (3.3 mill. with a max of 12.4 mill), the marketcap is sitting around 600k so very much room for growth here.

The coin/platform it planned to be some kind of lending platform between friends/family… the trading volume has steadly been rising the last two days…

I grapped a little bag of these at $0.060 and since then it really have taken a solid climb… with the low supply of coins this one could be in the $1 range pretty soon i imagine…

It’s traded at coinexchange.io and etherdelta
whitepaper -> http://elixirtoken.io/ElixWhitepaper.pdf


This coin got some attention last night as Suppoman covered it in his latest video… -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgjSOMViljo

Volume has increased a lot for the last 12 hours, as of now price is at approx $0.35 which still have room for some serious gains.

Im hodl’ing this for sure…

A more indept look at the Elixir coin can be found here -> https://steemit.com/ethereum/@burgink/elixir-cryptocurrency-is-a-good-investment-here-is-why-repost-from-medium


Suppoman mentioning it makes me suspicious…


Why is that ?

You could be right that some of his viewers could possible buy and dump ? but in all i still think that exposing a coin to a wider audience will get a lot of attention?

I still think this has a good potential to go beyond $1, but ofcourse, I could be wrong… :confused:


I don’t know I just don’t really like that guy haha :smiley:
I think he was involved in some pump & dump scenes too.


What’s others take on this coin ?

Actually as the price took a hit today, from $0.34 to $0.14 in approx 8 hours, i managed to buy a little more, so im now holding around 3500 coins with a average price of $0.09

It seems to me that this was some kind of correction to the recent gain, and possible people cashing out some profit ?

Still not much of a community behind it, what i could find was:

Reddit -> 292 followers
Twitter -> 1336 followers
Medium -> 125 followers
Bitcointalk.org forum -> 1520 posts since 2.september 2017, thread read 49k times

Volume (approx average):
25.september 2017 ~ $55.000
26.september 2017 ~ $120.000
27.september 2017 ~ $65.000
28.september 2017 ~ $50.000
29.september 2017 ~ $80.000
30.september 2017 ~ $60.000
1.october 2017 ~ $350.000
2.october 2017 ~ $800.000
3.october 2017 ~ $2.300.000
4.october 2017 ~ $2.300.000


I like these types of responses. Very concise and data centric. Thanks!


Very interesting :thinking: Im not currently trading on CoinExchange or EtherDelta but do you know which exchange does not require ID verification?


Good call on this one! It hit $1.33 today.


Thanks… still holding my position… eventough the team only consists of 2 they keep pushing weekly updates… and yesterday was a new fresher website, and revealing the dev. team, which had been a secret.

I firmly believe in this project, and there is still a lot of room to grow, it have slowly gained traction, and I think it will take off when if/when it hits a bigger exchange…

The coming mobile app is out on github in an working showcase mode, and will go into alpha soon…


I like ELIX as well. So im holding too.


If you’re still not into Elixir, you might take a look at the token, as it’s pretty cheap at the moment… it lost a fairly bit vs. ATH in the last correction and all the recent FUD.

currently trading at approx $0.54
ATH: 10.jan at $2.47

The devs are working hard on the upcoming alpha in Q1, and beta Q2
Updates on the process is coming every monday, this is the last one ->

DYOR :slight_smile:


Im still pretty bullish on Elixir, but i’ll try not to shill the project too much :slight_smile:

BETA is just about to roll out -> https://hackernoon.com/were-rolling-out-our-beta-f83495c8f211

Marketcap is only approx. $11.5 millions, and currently ranked at 486 on CMC.
This site mentions Elixir as one of 4 projects not started with ICO, that have great potential -> https://themerkle.com/top-four-upcoming-cryptocurrencies-sans-icos/


Yeah im still holding Elix.


This needs more exchanges. Not many @BulletEyeDK


Indeed it does, this have also been adressed in telegram chat, but main focus for the developers have been the product it self.

The devs have stated, that marketing and more exchanges will come, but nothing specific nor any timeframe.


Just found this new article about Elixir, pretty solid review -> https://coincentral.com/elix-beginners-guide/


A interesting Forbes article on how to minimize financial fraud, featuring information regarding Elixir and their project. :+1:



Elixir is soon to be releasing their application for both iOS and android…


Back to $.19 as of today. Quite a journey.