Electroneum [OFFICIAL] Thread



In the past people would use coincheckup ranking against ETN when it was not in the Top 100.

ETN has now been in the Top 10 for over 6 weeks. …funny no one mentions it anymore.









I…dont think so…


The coin went from ranking 128 to the top 50 in a matter of a few weeks. I know because I’ve more than tripled my investment in a few months. And yes some people are jealous of this as indicated in all the hating videos. I’m not in love with ETN… and if it drops big time, I’ll bail. LOL.



Tripled? It’s at 1 and a half cents. Did you buy at a half cent?


ech…too much false propaganda.
Hardly any movement…not on any major exchanges and its been around a penny and below for i dont know how long.
Plus, i have a buddy that posts there and said you get banned if you point out their flaws. Not simply FUD, but flaws nonetheless.

Its been out almost a year i think in Dec and its at a penny or less.
Its like those penny stocks…even when the market was pumping i dont think it broke 25 cents.

Be careful people…just be careful.


I hate to correct you. But, It’s not at a penny or less. Please, if you’re going to dog on a coin, at least have your facts.

I bought it at around $.0053 a few months ago and it went all the up to around $.025, now its $.015. Seems to be a wall of support at the current level. They just started marketing. Just launched their instant payment system.

Besides what you’ve heard from someone else, what is it that you don’t like about the coin? They have a working product my friend. This is a lot more than 90% of the coins.


What false propaganda?