[ELA] Elastos HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade)



Elastos will use merged mining on BTC network. It will be secure I am sure. Here you can read how they do this:


$ELA exchange rumor (I don’t see it on Kucoin):


Finally something, or just fake. After the Binance fail, I wasn’t sure what was going on with that side of the project.


Probably the big actions will come in august.


It was not fake:


Excellent news :+1::v:


this is good, I might grab some ELA with VEN at the current prices, I need to switch from all the scam coins I bought… will throw in a good amount of BTC and ETH into this after I sell my other bags… thanks for this.


I can finally pick up ELA, and at a good price too!


Elastos has very unique tech compare to the rest of blockchains, its like bitcoin with sidechains


I’ve got ELA since the ICO. It was never soooo cheap like now 0.002 BTC! Just bought another bag of that tasty coin!



Here is the last week news about Elastos.

This team does a really good efforts in regards of marketing and communication about the project…and $ELA price decreasing. I can say that $ICX wouldn’t do much better with this level of communication. Btw I would be more than happy.


The difference in general market opinon between ELA and ICX is huge. ELA is still seen as a Chinese vaporware pumpcoin. People are skeptical, and It doesn’t trade on exchanges that are used actively by westerners, though it was recently added to Kucoin, which Americans can access. Interest in ELA from those that haven’t invested in the project is at an all time low at present with all the distractions.

ELA’s community management has been good, their huge black eye is the whole Binance debable, which they have yet to overcome.


This seems to me professional. “Bitmain Merge Mining”


This post shows a remote connection between South Africa & China utilizing an Elastos/IoeX set top box running the Elastos Carrier. This box in China could have been behind a firewall and still be accessed by the user in South Africa, even if his IP was blocked as no one can block it or throttle the speed for certain services. Using the Elastos ID system, which uses the Elastos DID sidechain for user verification, this allows for a secure interaction between users on both ends.

Q: Do you happen to know how the user would ELA in this case?

A: It is my understanding that the ID system (ID’s are free to obtain) do not require ELA, rather, it is a part of the ecosystem that comprises the Elastos Smart Web. The ID sidechain will be free as you want more users participating in the Elastos Smart Web.

To quote KP, "there are two kinds of nodes - mining nodes and Carrier nodes. The mining nodes are for btc merged miners but the carrier nodes are for supernodes and relay nodes that will be part of the decentralized and distributed IPFS and to share bandwidth to stream movies, music, etc. Anyone can rent out their hardware to act as a carrier node and earn ela in the process.

Lots of utility cases for ela. So yes, ela will always be used in the ecosystem everywhere.

Also, there is no price per ID. These are free. It’s the name service that isn’t free. Like website names, user names, etc. These same names can used in all the elastos DApps because the apps are interoperable and they all share the same ID. So, you could have a situation where u have Facebook messenger and Snapchat and they could actually talk to each other in the elastos world. U could have a dapp with ethereum smart contracts and have a dapp with neo smart contracts. You could have these interact with each other because they all share the same ID. That’s the real value of an ID."


Wow! That seems to be nice.


yeah noticed that too and think it’s awesome. but the world is sleeping.


For anyone wondering about the sudden ELA price drop, it’s due to the team changing the schedule of when they’ll be unlocking the additional tokens.

The 1.4m tokens in lock-up will now be unlocked on Nov 4th, and the 4.7m ‘angel’ tokens that are scheduled to be released in Feb have been moved up to Nov 20th. This means that the supply will increase by around 80%.

Apparently having tokens locked up was making it hard to meet regulations necessary to get onto Western exchanges. Since the lock up will no longer generate dividends, it also means the token won’t classify as a security, which will also speed up regulation and adoption.

My interpretation is that this is actually for the best. These tokens were scheduled to be unlocked anyway, so this just gets this nonsense over with, and allows the project to move forward without the Feb token unlock looming over everyone’s head. Plus, it’s way better to pull such a stunt while we’re in a bear market, rather than interrupt a bull market cycle.

Either way, if these changes help the project gain exposure to bigger exchanges, then the price drop will quickly recover.




Holy dump, Batman! Time to pick up some more ELA.


Right? It’s down almost 40% since last weeks high of $10.50.

My average buy in is $8.15. I’ll likely buy more at $6.05 and then $5.05. It will be interesting to see what the price is prior to the Nov 20 unlock.


been eyeing this coin for a while. This mini crash made me pull the trigger haha