[ELA] Elastos HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade)



Everytime i see ELA goin up in BTC price, i scoop up a little BTC and do the reverse when btc value of ELA goes down. Goal here is to get as much BTC as i can.


Right…it’ll have to retrace eventually but I’m to scared of losing my position on this one!


40% is coming $124m 24h volume. I missed to buy @0.0067


Ela 94$ – 73$ in 4 hours…
Binance voting looks very important, Wepower before binance voting worth around 0,13-0,14 now 0,26.


Ooops! ELA got 77K vote on Binance.

I’ve just read that they will hold a meetup about DApps with Bitmain CEO and Tencent Founder:


It’s nearby 82k right now but there is something interesting about votes; https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/967424352894435329


Ooopps. I hope this will bring down the price. Until Monday at least. :smiley:
Both Elastos and Wepower announced a giveaway for the voting. I guess Binance don’t like it.


This is the main topic i think.


sold my icx today and bought more ELA I will dca back into ICX.


do you think a project this connected would do such a thing? I cant see them doing anything like that.


ELA isn’t listed.


Elastos HQ was visited by Timothy Yuan - President, Huawei Ottawa R&D Centre


Elastos launched its communication rockets. Just check out their twitter channel.

The CMC numbers are now corrected with circulating supply.

20% price rise.


Weekly update:

Technical Dynamics

  1. The browser technology solution successfully loaded Component Assembly Runtime(CAR) components on the latest version of chrome but Reflection still has problems and needs to be followed up;

  2. The OS version of RT achieved cmake compilation and the upgrade to clang compile is complete, and the compile environment is improved

  3. Implementing and compiling the respective docker images for the following github projects: Elastos blockchain, Elastos wallet, and Elastos runtime and constructing the development environment on-demand in the cloud to prepare for online development and one-button cloth chaining;

  4. Repackaged the metadata cls file into eco to make exporting eco more concise;

  5. Reorganized and improved Elastos RT, browser solutions, and Ela Pay documents;

  6. Tested the Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) node, organized the test documents, organized the test tool to send mail using Gmail;

  7. The code refactoring of SPV is complete. The majority of bloom, common, crypto, and core have been migrated to Utility code repository;

  8. Discussed the interface between mobile wallet and Elastos RT. Reviewed mobile wallet prototype and UI design;

  9. Wallet 1.0.18 version tested;

  10. Continued the sidechain transfer, joint mining, arbitrator node details and development.


ELA got pumped… Now 47 USD.
The reason might be ; https://twitter.com/Crypto_Pajeet/status/987366346425020416 For sure if we ‘‘have to’’ find a reason.


I’m surprised to see so little fomo in the 'pub, especially with the way r/cryptocurrency is reacting to Elastos, recent overviews & primers bring released, and newsy stuff/team communication at an all time high.


We’re too lazy to figure out how to use the one exchange it’s on.


I took part in the ICO and bought some, right after the Huobi launch so my average is $47 / ELA . I got profit on it but if it will reach about 2billion (about $390 / ELA) market cap then it will be a really good decision to hold. This is an interesting project so I will sell some ELA only if I get in the 2round of NEX.


The entire “aircraft carrier” analogy covered. I know @peter got a kick out of the Elastos “aircraft carrier” video :rofl:


I have sold out all my NEO for ELA. Felt that there’s more potential in this than NEO at its current price and market cap. Use cases are there and there’s already partnerships in the making.