Edmonton/Alberta Pub Meetup



For all you Edmonton & Area Pub Members; let’s meet at a pub!


Hostess with the mostess!

Wish I could come!

Come on guys let’s get some beer flowing and good vibes going


One day you will!!! :grin:


Always wanted to go to America. The food looks divine !


We’re not too far from America. It’s a great place to visit. Canada is more, chill :slight_smile:


Omg sorry!! I thought you was in America!

I’ll just be hiding like…



Hahahaha no, I’m Canadian. Terence was born in Canada but raised in the US. :sunglasses:


Edmonton is so so so beautiful. Can’t wait to visit. Hopefully, this year , next year


Don’t forget Jasper & Banff. They’re breathing!


I thought Yukon was beautiful but this is more magical


There are beautiful places all over the world. We just need to open our eyes to them :slight_smile:


@Angela I got to see some more pictures of Edmonton today. The scenery was quite lovely.


It has such a beautiful river valley. The entire city is connected by walking trails.


Nice, my wife like Ontario though. Am selling her the Edmonton idea. Looks more peaceful and beautiful


Edmonton is definitely different than Ontario. Not nearly as hectic & driving to work doesn’t take 1-2 hours :joy:Still a Million people but with a different atmosphere.


1 - 2 hours of traffic. That’s horrible. Just the 40 50 minutes am facing here feels like a death sentence already. Whoa i really need a teleportation device.


I lived in Calgary for about 9 years.


In Edmonton you can get anywhere in a 1/2 hour.


Oh wow. How did you like it? Did you ski a lot? Where are you living now?


My mum and brother still live there and I have sisters that moved to Whistler. Also, my best friends are all there. As with life anywhere, I had my ups and downs in Calgary. I think some of the problems were my British sarcasm not being taken the right way. :joy:
I lived there long enough to get my joint British/Canadian citizenship though :smile: I didn’t do nearly enough skiing! (snowboarding in my case).
I’m now in London.