Earning that "Aficionado" Badge...! 🎉



Dang, I’m 138 days visited, must be missed a few days in there


137 days an the exact same problem :rofl:

  1. But i think my 1 miss happened the first week. Grrr


you´re almost there then :muscle:


Day 172


182 for me, but me no get badge yet. :cry:

I think I missed a day or 2 somewhere while I was on holiday in Thailand in Nov/Dec.

Totally worth it. :smile:


:100: :explopants::explopants6: OH HELL YEA 107 days in n I got it!!! I wasn’t expecting to get this badge already I had convinced myself I had missed a day somewhere in the 30’s but boom there it is!!

Now onto the really important Devotee badge 365 consecutive days thats gonna be a rare one for sure but I’m over 1/4 of the way

Dedication… dedication… dedication… I fucking love crypto n I love the Pub thanx again to Peter n John for all you do and thank you to all the mods for puttin in the work its very much appreciated



I´m going to join the club :slight_smile:


Congrats :tada:you joined the 0.0046158216% of pubbers that are true addicts

I AM THE REAL DOUG POLK :100: :explopants6:




Finally got the badge! :tada: Now I can hodl in peace :rofl:


You know what will be ridiculous… if I get the 365 badge before the aficionado :joy::joy: I’m like 160 days in… I have no idea how… I keep missing a day here and there I guess.


I finally got mine the other day!


I think it is rather ingenius that it isn’t shown. We are striving to get something that doesn’t really provide any real value, but it keeps us coming back to the Pub everyday.

If I was @john or @peter I would leave the counter hidden even if I could enable it as it creates this mystery and respect for those that have earned it, because everyone on this thread that is frustrated is seeing how hard it is actually earn it. Especially when you do not know where the end is just have to keep pushing. Definitly fits with the discipline that @peter trys to teach.


There is value in hiding recognition.
There is value in earning things the hard way, and never getting recognized for it.
In some ways, it kinda shows if you’re really dedicated to the larger mission and vision… of your life.


Way to go! Welcome to the aficionado club!


Well done sir! :100: :tada:


Sweet I’ve been waiting for this! :sunglasses::tada: