"DRUMPF!" (Trump) Thread



Alright…we’re getting somewhere! Trump is some kind of Christian, ivanka and Jared are Jews, we just need Don jr to re-marry a Muslim and then we’re talking!


Dice, you have reading comprehension issues.

You want the proof? Show me how I praise Trump in EVERY ‘negative’ comment. I have to quote the word negative because I can not control your feelings. And other people don’t see the negativity in EVERYTHING I say.

I am being factual when I concluded you are a member of a far left group that believes a person’s mentality is determined by an arbitrarily chosen feature. You questioned my nationality because you thought my comment was ‘divisive’. I keep reminding you feelings can not be used as evidence.


I don’t know. Most of Trump lies seem to be harmless or just attempts to troll the left. Many of them are not necessarily lies, just exaggerations and he takes credit because he is a pompous ass, Now here is a really hurtful lie, could you imagine how much better off we would be if this promise was kept?

“And if I want to increase spending, then I’ve got to find offsetting revenues or cut programs that aren’t working. That’s a principle that I believe in strongly and I will run on and implement when I’m president.” Barack Obama 3/27/08

Or this one. This one really hit me financially pretty hard and caused my company to have to lay off a few really good employees that we still miss.

“If you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold.” Barack Obama 6/6/09


Well…i dont think hes a Christian at all lol.
But…i think in his mind, somehow, that in the Religious freedom issue, he feels like what hes doing is right and for that, i could commend him.

You are divisive, period and these moronic statements of “OMG!! FAR LEFT! SO SCARED OH NOES!!” :rofl::rofl: dude gtfo with that bs…of all the stuff posted…im almost offended and amused at the same time.

I will admit, you guys do have some beautiful country side.

The subtlety is what we have to be careful of.
This is exactly how we normalize dishonesty, and remember, its not just the left that hes trolling.

And yes, i remember the speech with obama. When things came through, it pissed ALOT of people off cuz they lost their Doctors.
The only positive is that people that never had coverage, ended up getting it and it improved their lives.

Ignorance laughs at this. But in the long run, Trumps base is relatively small. He also pissed off Republicans…so youre laughing at them too.
It never ceases to amaze me that ignorant posts like this dont realize hes not just pissing off the left. Hes pissing off many powerful folks on the right.


Dice, you are not supposed to add any word after ‘period’ so that your fake outrage can fool more people.

Reading comprehension is not your only problem.


Dude…you went there?
Sentence structure?
lol…stop…please stop :rofl: :rofl::rofl:


Yes, you won’t be able to fake your morality or literacy even on the Internet, let along outrage.


Changing the subject :rofl:


Dice, there is no subject. You tagged me for my comment against a meme posted by a communist mob.
I know you can’t debate months ago. Please stop tagging me.


Yes I disregard it as tactics. Most of the rest of the world understands that Trump is a narcissist and the best way to deal with him if flattery and then ignore him!

Well at the moment it is a G7 but if Trump had his way it would be an eight once the Russians are brought back on board. The fact that he appears to be backing the Russians at every turn and pissing off our allies tells us everything. He is firmly in the pocket of Putin or he is just ignorant.


Are you 100% sure that Russia is more dangerous than the EU?


Yes the EU hasn’t invaded another country like Russia has. I actually think the EU is fairly weak and not so much of a threat. Russia is a capitalist monarchy and not democratic that as an ideology does not sit well with me. (I know Trump would like that in the US!) The Russians messed with the US Elections and want to disrupt and divide the nation they do not have anyone’s interests at heart apart from their own. They are trying to establish military strongholds in the Middle East, to what purpose?


Cant debate, based on what?
Someone says Trump doesnt lie, i post other wise and at times video of his own words of him lying as thats the subject at hand.
Pretty straight forward.

Maybe its too simple for you.

Regardless, you responded, so i responded. Thats how the internet works. Get over it.


Is this a serious question?
Are we really going to these lenghts to make Russia look innocent?
Prior to Trumps presidency, it was common knowledge that Russian were not our allies…going back decades and we are wise to be wary of them and not underesitmate them.

Trump is elected and now all of a sudden were saying they’re not that bad because Trump always says so?

Jesus people…:confounded:


Oh my, someone asked a question that I find offensive because I believe everything Rachel Maddow tells me. I am not saying Russia is a good, but the EU is quite obviously awful and most likely about to lose another country. I am not convinced Russia is more dangerous but I guess you are. Not sure why a capitalist monarchy is worse than a socialist oligarchy but I am sure you can tell me.

And the idea that we are even playing nice with Russia seems wrong. Trump has imposed several economy killing sanctions on Russia, allowed the sale of lethal arms to Ukraine and kicked out 60 Russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain. He also attacked Assad’s forces but he is a Putin puppet.


You are lying,you said hes better than all the recent presidents,another example of you fawning over him and denying it because somewhere in your subconscious you know he’s a mad hatter and that your position is baseless.

I’m not a Trump hater,I hate to see idiots spewing nonsense and people following them no matter how incompetent and outlandish their behavior. There is no question that he has no idea what he is doing.


Wow, reading comprehension is not something you are good at I guess.


I dont get any info from Maddow…but theres a ton of stuff out there linking Trump to Russia including videos of him lying about never being there. And alot of documented russian visits and contacts.
This isnt made up dude…its real.

Pirlo75, thats really not true man…


Historically, hes praised Russia than any other president, democrat or republican.


Accepting your GOP leanings is not something you are good at I guess.