"DRUMPF!" (Trump) Thread



Only a real ninny would try to connect the Republicans from slavery times to the modern day GOP. !









Looks like the flippening is coming! Manafort is going to jail, now it makes sense why Trumpy has been saying that Manafort was only a bit part player in his campaign, not quite as low level as coffee boy Papadopoulos!

Witness tampering is a pretty serious business but why would you tamper unless… oh you might be guilty! Now might be a good time for Trump to Pardon Manafort :rofl:


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The leftist censorship of even mainstream news, is real




Good read here.


I think there is some truth to this. :+1: From the Russia perspective I am not convinced Trump is an “agent” what I am convinced about and the evidence isn’t thin is that he has exchanged various favours with the Russian in exchange for help with his businesses. Russia isn’t the only country mind you!


John McCain, Lindsey Graham, hell…Trey Goudy (I may have butchered the names) have all opposed Trump on several occasions…and they are all Republicans…

Ugh…more divisive garbage posts from you?
lol…something tells me we should NOT take your opinion on anything that has to do with slavery…


There is no such a thing as ‘we’ when you are expressing alone. Collectivism is garbage.


If McCain and Graham do not like you then you are doing something right.


The point is, they spoke out against Trumps tantrums…as they should. Most other republicans shake in fear for some reason.


Yup…an united nation sucks.
Keep em divided means they cannot be strong and can be conquered.

Come to think of it…you wouldn’t happen to be Russian, would you?


I sort of agree.
I think hes an opportunistic buffon and didnt know the laws (still doesnt) regarding him being president and ties to an enemy of the USA and now hes in trouble for it.


Nothing can be united between a far left Democratic party and the rest of the country.

You are a proven member of such a far left group that believes a person’s mentality is determined by an arbitrarily chosen feature. In this case, nationality.


They are 2 senators responsible for so much destruction. I really don’t care what either of them think.




No one will take you seriously if you keep posting from Occupy Democrats.

Here is a short list though, if you follow OD you are probably horrible informed.

Exited the TPP.
Exited the Paris Deal
Exited the IRAN Deal
Stopped requiring companies to list worker income by race and gender
Ended a ridiculous amount of environment regulations that were put in by executive order

There is a lot more, not all good in my mind but OD is stupid.