"DRUMPF!" (Trump) Thread



imagine Lawrence O’Donnell from msnbc having an account on the pub


LOL the avatar ^^ looks like Lawrence on google lastword_s_2

I’m over here talking black belt shit and it’s falling on white belts ears. We are all very different aren’t we? I get it not everyone is going to understand wtf a black pill is because we all live in our own echo chambers really.

Just try and choose the characters of your echo chamber wisely




I cant believe people cant see through his blatant narcissistic megalomania. It is so obvious that its painful to watch. The man only cares about himself and having power so he can feel secure. I don’t know who people are talking to that makes them believe he is gaining respect for America. I know many people who are totally embarrassed that he is our President. He makes us all look like fools. I also cant believe it’s so hard to tell that he is an unintelligent moron. Just for the record, I am not far left or far right, I am a rare breed these days in politics, a moderate. I believe in gun rights, I also believe in helping the poor. As far as I can tell almost all the politicians are lying megalomaniacs who work for big money and don’t give a shit about average Americans. Democrats and Republicans alike a a shameful lot. But Trump? He’s just a idiot.


Talking “black belt shit” what are you talking about? People who disagree with you are just not as good as you? No need to talk to you at all then. When you get that Black belt shit let us know.


K :joy::stuck_out_tongue:


an idiot, but grammar doesn’t mean shit when yer calling someone an idiot…


LMAO that is an awesome gif. :rofl:


im watching trump have total command at this press conference with the nigerian president, and all I can think is, holy crap this guys hair is a golden thing of perfection, literally an all time high for trumps hair




so gross how trump profits from office, lmfao at that whole fake news line of bad logic



lol deep state doesnt exist!
If anything, deep state is the Republican party themselves lol!!

I hear ya, man.
But what you say falls on deaf ears.
I posted ACTUAL VIDEO of the man lying and contradicting himself.
He had Russians (I think one was a spy…now and ex spy) in our White House.
I mean…if you still defend him even after clearly seeing that, then you have issues lol!

My point exactly. Go back and scroll through some of the videos in this thread i posted. I mean…if u ignore that, you really cant talk shit about Hilary or Obama.



KHawk…i gotta give it up…this is awesome!!!


Truth is, theyre both garbage!



Gonna have to read this when i have time.


Haha I like you dice, each time I think it’s over you come falling back into the room breaking shit on the way. Legit you’re hilarious