"DRUMPF!" (Trump) Thread



Right haha - can’t say i ever used it much. Pretty sure Dice got confused and thought i meant msn(bc) when i wrote msm. Easy mistake but its a couple of times he has misread now. The irony is too much, its a consistant pattern with those types. The “liberals” and I use that term very loosely tend to have an authoritative and “I’m smarter than you and right all the time” mindset which is obviously dangerous, close minded and counter intuitive. You simply can’t have a reasonable conversation with them. It’s probably a lot to do with letting their emotions run riot over their ability to be reasonable.

History will look back on these days and a lot of people will be embarrassed that they got played by the TV - although I’m pretty sure most of the “liberals” are quite young and their brains havent fully developed yet so kind of excusable.

My regret will be that I probably should have shown more love towards the slower ones that damage society but you know they can be very irritable.


Damn, I got sucked back in! I totally agree with you here. I’m a nationalist, and I prefer America first. Sounds like you do too.

spacebuzz, I’d rather debate you here than get into an argument, but this entire Trump racist narrative I just don’t understand where it’s coming from. He just pardoned the first black heavyweight boxing champ, he was awarded the 1986 Ellis Island award, he’s been vouched for by Dr. Martin Luther King’s offspring, he gave a boatload of money to inner city youth. Why is he a racicst?

Instead of posting negative things that have happened in our country since Trump has been elected, I’m going to choose to post some postiive news:

Stock Market is doing fantastic
Consumer Confidence at highest level in 20 years
Appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court (quietly a fantastic move for conservatives)
Withdrew the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership
ILLEGAL border crossings down roughly 40%
Flint Michigan has been given a boatload of money to improve their drinking water.
Revived the dakota pipeline.
And he’s been solid with his diplomacy.

This is just a sample of what he’s accompished with both parties against him. I’m not a fan of executive orders, but thats what he’s pretty much limited to with the incapability of congress to do their jobs!

And again, I’ll defend the president in most situations (the spending bill is inexcusable). I do believe we have a failure in our ruling government, aka congress, to actually work for the people. They work for themselves.


You misquoted me we weren’t talking about Trump at that point we were talking about a different guy who trained his dog to make a nazi salut when he said gas the Jews!

I am not interested too much in all the other arguments around Trump and whether he is racist etc the evidence is pretty weak sure he is an old man with inbuilt bias but not convinced he is racist. I am convinced he is a crook though!


Well there were definitely people that look like Muslims celebrating across several areas in North Jersey.


I heard the same thing happened in New Jersey. I was in high school (in Australia) at the time and my Afghan acquaintance came in the next morning happy af having a huge laugh saying “told you guys not to fuck with us!” - It was kind of light hearted as he always acted like the class clown and no one was offended but looking back it says a lot even if kids are half retarded. So yeah for sure I believe Trump saw that in NY if I saw it on the other side of the world


On a side note - you can’t really blame them for having a laugh though. The Bush’s, Clinton’s and Hussein Obama brought it upon themselves


That must make you feel awesome.
Finally…you got me on something.
What else ya got?

Yeah i hear the racist thing alot.
Theres alot of smoke around it.

He got congratulated by David Duke, said there were good people on both sides when that girl got killed by that moron that drove into the crowd (Ive never met a “Good” Neo Nazi personally), but wed have to define what is a racist first.

Then it gets into steryotpying.

This Trump debate stuff is easy as hell because Trump has no filter…doesnt cover shit up well at all, but when it comes to racism…thats an ugly can of worms that makes politics look like a childs bedtime story.


“There were good people on both sides”

A better way to phrase this imo is, “There’s bad people on bad sides.” I think the message was not that neo nazis are great but that it’s not as black and white as the left made it seem.

I can’t find link right now but on a YouTube channel called “James Allsup” you can see videos and there was groups of peaceful marchers being harassed and violated by antifa and counter protestors. It’s pretty interesting if all you’ve seen is mainstream news footage.


Antifa is hardly as big as people say they are tho.
I see them as an anti-anti racist group…if that makes sense lol.

If you look at, historically, what NEO Nazis have done, them and the KKK it fails in comparison.

Antifa also alot less influence that the media makes it out to be.
I see them as more of an annoyance.


I seem them as mindless thugs smashing up shops , looting , settings people’s cars on fire and bashing people up when in safety of large numbers. The cowards should be thrown in jail for anti social behaviour and all the vandalism they commit.


I see Antifa as a counter rage of NEO Nazis to be honest.

I mean, lets be real here, theres an old saying, “Wont start nothin, wont be nothin”.

You will ALWAYS have a militant response to a militant response. That will never change.

NEO Nazis are MUCH more well known tho. Most people didnt even know what Antifa was prior to Trump coming to office.


The Republicans back then were more like the Dem now. Today’s far right and far left didn’t exist 50 years ago.


It’s amazing that anyone would think Trump is responsible for the good news you listed. The guys a sociopath, narcissist megalomaniac and a moron to boot.


Theres clearly issues there.
You can only blame the Democrats so much.
Then, you can only blame the Media so much.
Then, you see him attacking his OWN PARTY lol…

While others say thats great, calling them out, hes NOT a politician.

Attack everyone around you enough, and soon youll have no one to defend you when you need it.


Oh yeah the parties have changed for sure - naturally, but from an outside perspective not really that much. It’s more the people that have changed since the 60s when liberals were fighting against fascists for free speech and to end racism but now they want to curb free speech and sort people into different identities becoming the fascists they were trying to stop. It’s really a crazy thing to witness but the pendulum does swing.

Trump is certainly not a politician which is a really great thing and got people excited as he came in with a more real and human attitude that the people could identify with for once. People have been complaining about politicians going against their word and actually doing nothing all over the world for a really long time. The fact that Trump isn’t really a republican at heart is a strong point of his as he doesn’t feel the need to keep them happy - he’d rather go his own way like a real leader and the people love and obviously hate him for it.

For sure it must be weird to have him as a President because he’s so out of the norm but to be honest from an outside perspective he has brought a lot of respect back to the states which had been lost for decades.

Digging deep into all the leaks coming out from wikileaks and Qanon etc it does appear he has been draining the swamp and appears to be actually winning the 5D chess game. It’s not just the states getting their swamp drained, he has inspired an international audience and the pedophile elites and human traffickers in high places are getting arrested all over the world.

It’s still early days and the game isn’t over yet - there is a tonne more arrests to be made but this could be the start of a revolution. Sure the EU, Aust, Canada and China etc aren’t too happy with him going against their globalist socialist plans and a world war is certainly still on the horizon. It’s not going to be an easy fight but right now there is peace on the Korean peninsula so there is some hope and Trump had something to do with that whether people will like to admit it or not.

Let’s just hope he’s smarter than JFK. Good luck and god bless 'Merica!


Peace through strength is the new black.



Yeah just as long as the Deep State doesn’t drop a false flag bomb on themselves and their allies and blame North Korea and Trump of course


the black pill is real


He is out of the norm for sure as he is an out and out crook! The idea that he has brought back respect is a joke the vast majority of the rest of the world think he is an incompetent blowhard and are laughing. Most other world leaders have very quickly figured out that with Trump you just play with pandering to his narcissistic personality heap praise on him, make him feel like the most important person then he will be soft on you and you can carry on doing exactly what you want to safe in the knowledge that the US government is now weaker and more irrelevant than it has ever been. What amazes me is that so many people can’t see that rolling out the red carpet for someone like Trump is exactly the politics that they say they don’t want, it is all part of the game of politics. Trump doesn’t understand it and thinks they are being genuine. He isn’t playing 5D chess he is barely able to play musical chairs!


Come on mate that’s a bit ridiculous. DYOR