"DRUMPF!" (Trump) Thread



Why would u waste ur precious time reading fake news. It’s full of twisted facts and bs. Time would be better spent with some verge tokens on porn hub


What makes 48 questions fake news there is no BS or twisted facts there? There maybe BS in the commentary from the NYT but the questions are the questions! Have you read them? Are you afraid of them?


I’m afraid this witch hunt has gone on for a long enough time and been a massive waste of yanks tax $. If there was any solid evidence it would have come out long ago but u can’t stump the trump every one knows that. Surly if he was a idiot as everyone says he is then he would have left a trail of evidence and the case would of been wrapped up in a week. Think of all the man hours and tax money and what have they got? Sweet fuck all


Based on what evidence can you make the statement “this witch hunt has gone on long enough”? Does it just “feel” like it is too long for you? I don’t think Trump is an idiot you don’t become President of the United States by being an idiot. There are some areas where he is completely uninformed but there are other areas where he is a genius (brand and marketing)

There is a trail of evidence, and it needs to be followed carefully and will take time, longer than any of us would like. But Watergate was a relatively simple case and took more than two years to unfold.

To date (and importantly those we know of!) 5 people have pled guilty to things in connection with the Russia probe and are cooperating with the special counsel. One has been indicted and will face trial. Then there are 13 Russian and 3 Russian companies that have been indicted.

Something to keep in mind in relation to those that have pled guilty and are cooperating is firstly that the have admitted to being guilty of a crime that would have seen them sent to prison. Secondly there were more crimes than they have admitted to that they could have been charged with and pleaded guilty to but they were not asked to plead guilty to those because they are cooperating witnesses. If they aren’t cooperating such as Manafort then they throw the book at them. Mueller will only be looking for cooperation if they have something significant to offer he isn’t just going to offer them a deal for little return. So there is a lot more evidence that he has than is in the public sphere.

Gathering evidence to recommend the prosecution of the POTUS needs to be done carefully and will take time but in the end there will be impeachable offences such as obstruction and there will be indictable offences such as conspiracy that Trump will be charged with.


again but what sources are you getting this news from? :wink::alien:


Let me give you one example that of Michael Flynn (these are not links to news sites but actual filed documents)

The Charging Document can be found here https://www.justice.gov/file/1015026/download

The Statement of Offense can be found here https://www.justice.gov/file/1015126/download

The Plea Agreement can be found here https://www.justice.gov/file/1015121/download

Note in the Plea agreement in section 3 it refers to additional charges that will not be further prosecuted due to the plea agreement.

So that is some of the “sources”.

The observation around the length of the Watergate case is easily obtained by a quick search on google or wikipedia. If you want I can list all of the other indictment documentation for the others mentioned but it is all easily verifiable. The only thing I can’t source because they are based on experience which doesn’t have a handy document is my conclusions around Mueller having more evidence than we know of but that is common sense and the way in which a case like this is prosecuted which is based on my own experiences and that of my family who have been directly involved in prosecuting and defending these types of criminal activities.



Horrible scum bags doing that in front of little children. I hope some one finds them , kidnaps them , pours petrol on them and flicks a match on there wicked souls.


kind of elaborate, I’d just use one cheap bullet to the back of the head and bury them in a hole
we have no deterrents anymore

that whole video rocks tho


Bullet is to quick and they feel no pain. That is not justice and besides it’s more fun watching grown men scream like girls


I’m a Christian fascist monarchist , not a sadist. :slight_smile:


Fight fire with fire :fire:


get rekt FBI loving deep state cucks, 911 was an inside job


The Trump haters circle jerking in America are too busy virtue signalling that they have no idea how bad London has become or the rest of Western Europe for that matter. That was the fate of the US before Trump came in and started firing the globalists. It’s not over yet but he’s certainly winning against the Deep state. The whole western world loves him because if he saves the US he saves Australia, NZ and Canada and maybe Europe too


Trump is like the Bitcoin of the Currency world :illuminati::wink:


Nah more like the Bitconnect! :rofl: :beetconnect:



Ok so what of my posts are fake news?

I just dont understand how people can listen to the blatant contradictions.
I get being in love with Trump but damn…at least keep it real.

Youre parroting trumps words.
You should have some for yourself.
I mean, really, who are we, and you to say whats gone on long enough?
If we had stopped two weeks after it started (because thats when people were “tired” of it, then we wouldn’t have all all the indictments we have now.
Hell, we might even get to see Trumps taxes…the ones he says hes smart because he doesnt pay em!

And doesnt it scare you that Mueller has been deathly quiet. No responses to Trump at all?

100 percent agree here.
I wont go point by point but you are dead on spacebuzz.

That is definitely one reason, unfortunately that we need weapons in the home.
Like someone said, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.
But dont use Alex Jones man…that dude is a nutcase .