Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)




Saying , Will Be Met with 'Fire and Fury" is the COMPLETE opposite of speaking softly:rofl::rofl:
Come on man!
While he did speak to NK dictator, your thought of speaking softly and Trump are just wrong.

Out of the guys you named, Id say pence was the LEAST one who would go to war.
Trump would jump to war just as quick as the most war hungry…just look at how impulsive he is.


I agree, just ironic that nike is supposedly concerned with social justice issues but never addresses the negative cultural issues you describe. I really dont keep up with all this political stuff anymore so I’m not as informed.


See, comments like this is why I think you must be just trolling. You can’t be this dense. First I said SPEAK HARDLY and Carry a small stick.

Also, this statement was made in August 2017. He met with Kim Jong Un in June 2018!!!

Saying mean things is not the same as blowing up children and not caring about it. (Though that could win you a Nobel Peace Prize)


It depends on what you think was their rationale! They would have calculated the numbers for sure before they did this as they have a duty to shareholders and you can bet that they aren’t too surprised by the uptick in sales!

I am fine with this as a protest and I am not offended. If he were burning the flag or something that would be a different matter.

He hasn’t exactly been hard on them. You need to seperate the personal and the political. He had to do something in response to the Novichok poisoning in the UK but ejecting a bunch of diplomats and then allowing a bunch of others straight back in isn’t exactly tough! What he hasn’t really done is put them under any big financial pressure. So long as he doesn’t do that in a big way then Putin and co will keep the money and deals flowing to him personally.


He just added another round of sanctions last month. The third round this year but yeah, you are right, no financial pressure.


But what you ignore is that its crystal clear that he does NOT like doing that.


Flag burning = Rage

But for me, ive been in the military, and went to two different locales in the sandbox…so, for me and our flag…its like with racism, dont go there.

Lets be real here, tho, if he burned the flag, someone would have beaten his ass. And his celebrity status wont protect him.


Anyone read this:


Hoping to have a read over the weekend but the one I am really looking forward to is this out in Nov.


Didnt know that was coming out.
…i dont have enough evidence, personally for the collusion with trump. I think he might have known about it, the meeting, but trump jr should probably face charges. That can be considered conspiracy to (fill in the blank here).

Its like if you plan to kill someone…the weapon, the list etc but dont go through with it and get caught…youre still in deep trouble.


Im still waiting to see everything Mueller has on it.


I suspect this book might give many of us a huge insight into what Mueller has and I am pretty sure that the case for conspiracy/collusion will be pretty convincing. The Author has seen much of the same stuff I have and much much more add to the fact he is a criminal attorney it should be really interesting!!

Oh and you are right Jnr is screwed!



It will be interesting to see where this leads to. I would have thought that Manafort would have to give up something pretty big in order to get a plea deal as he is bang to rights on so many fronts he could easily spend the rest of his life in jail. So will it be Trump himself or someone else like Jnr or Bannon?

The nonsense from Giuliani is so funny because he must know that Mueller is absolutely going to make sure that any admission of guilt by anyone making a plea deal will absolutely not include anything about Trump until he is ready to present his entire case. So him saying look it has nothing to do with Trump is just a joke!!

  1. Remember: Paul Manafort was at the Trump Tower meeting . He knows what happened there.
  2. Remember also that Paul Manafort chose Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s running mate.

  1. Remember that Paul Manafort also chose Michael Flynn!
  2. Remember that Paul Manafort was instrumental in setting up the Mayflower Hotel rally and writing the speech with George Papadopolous in which Trump promised the Russians a good deal on sanctions!
  3. Also remember that Manafort has lived in Trump Tower and known Trump personally for decades. Not the 144 days that Trump will lead you to believe. They are friends for a long time.


So here is the agreement https://www.justice.gov/file/1094151/download

No limitations on the cooperation and even with that a minimum recommend 17.5 years in jail. His only hope now will be to offer everything he has got in the chance he might be able to get a further reduction otherwise he won’t see the light of day before his mid-80’s if he lives that long!!!

A couple of other things to note one being that with the $46M that the federal government will get from Manafort as a result of the guilty plea they have now made a significant profit over the $8M spent on the investigation :joy:

Also it will be interesting to see who from the other cooperating witnesses will be falling over themselves to offer up the goods on Trump now as the race is on to get the biggest sentence reduction. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the best deal!!


Has got to be the worst attorney ever…lol that dude is awful.
He says all the wrong things at the right time. And the wrong time.

Ive never seen that before from such a high profile case


Yeah…it just goes to show how out of touch he is. He may have been great at one point in time, but those days are clearly over.

Even tho i cant stand trump…this is an embarrassment for the USA.
I mean…we can blame democrats all we want, but the democrats didnt make manafort, cohen, flynn do the things they did.

At some point in time, like Peters video about Serena Williams, you have to OWN IT and STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE.




They can’t even argue facts anymore, they just resort to MUH Q ANON MUH GREAT AWAKENING made up fairy tails. Too funny.