Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)




I am trying to imagine the mental gymnastics that the person that makes and sells these is having to go through at the moment knowing that their base stock is Converse which is owned by Nike :joy::joy:


Pence Fucking Hates Mulan

He is a Christian and would prefer to men and women in close quarters to not be so close. Inspiring sexual purity and traditional Christian belief of not having premarital sex.
This ideology is not new…and Christianity has been, historically the choice of religion in the USA.
So…MILLIONS of people believe this. You have yet to attack them for that…until now.

He Calls His Wife "Mother"

Seriously…you dont think thats reaching a bit?
Come on man…and in that section, they called him a “homophobe”.
I guess that applies to all Christians, correct?
Youre starting to sound like a bitter liberal dude…should have chosen a different article…

Pence Went Full Racist In One Campaign Ad

Ignorant. Sure. I agree. But when it comes to racism and ignorance…i think Trump has him beat.
By a mile.

Pence Tried To Create His Own State-Run Media

But Trump has.
It USED to be called Fox news. Im sure youre aware of the many VERY close ties (Sean Hannity who has his own show that pumps trump up, showing trump as the victim all of the time vs the evil CNN) to Fox news.
Pot, meet Kettle.
Except Pence shut his down.

But His Emails!

Again, this one is really reaching.
Its more of an attack on him simply being a Republican than anything. Also the author of the article talks about how Pence expresses his frustration because…i guess that hes not using out right profanity…stemming back from Pences religious beliefs. Again…were attacking, basically the guys religious background.
White, Christian and hes stupid for that?
Come on man…

Even The Republicans In Indiana Hate Him

This is irrelevant and doesnt support your argument at all.
Every politician has people in their own state that hate them.

Just scroll through this one more time:


How can you try to come up with these weak stories (which is a liberal one at that…which is very uncharacteristic of you) when the reddit link…with all of his OWN words…shows how insane he is and also look at all the contradictions and blatant lies.



What is wrong with liberals? Liberalism is fine. Leftism is not liberalism.

There is plenty but this was more fun. Pence sucks.


Dare I say trump sucks ALOT more?
As in, its not even close, more?
Surely we can agree on that…


Trump sucks too, just not as much as Pence and definitely not as much as Graham.


You know…i would not be surprised if they HEAVILY wore those and would not even have a clue.

And then:

Trumps like that old drunk uncle that no one ever believes or listens to…but they tolerate him because grandma said we had to.

I will note that Nike should have stayed out of this one.
The “movement” was still going on regardless of what NIKE does. So they didn’t have to step in at all IMO.
Im prior Army and i will NEVER kneel.
He should have found a different way of protesting…i mean…he was an NFL player and has a HUGE platform.


Thing is what has he even sacrificed. If anything the bloke is better off than he ever was :joy: such a shit campaign. Nike the “good guy” who has children make their products :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You could replace him with Trump lol.
On a serious note, he could have protested in a different way and it offends me to be honest.


Again im confused…based on what exactly?
You havent really made a case at all for Trump.
There are FOUR felons that have surrounded him and democrats and republicans are thinking of impeaching him.

Are we not seeing the same things?

Plus…if you actually looked here:


He has a MASSIVE list of foolish statements and tweets.
Im at a loss at how you could even remotely think that hes somehow better than…anyone lol!
Hes lyin his ass off. How do we just NOT notice that.


To sell to other children who then kill each other for them. No concern over social issues there though :thinking:


Why do I need to make a case for Trump? Anyone that even thinks of running for public office is a sociopath, Trump included. I don’t have to defend Trump to realize he is not as awful as McCain, Graham, or Pence. They are all war mongers and they all suck. Trump is supposedly in the pocket of Russia but has not exactly been nice to Russia.


It’s all about the :pound: :pound::pound::pound:


So trumps not as bad as Pence? Again, what you say doesnt make sense…and as far as being a war monger:

He was only in for a year.
But i still dont understand why those guys mentioned…specifically Pence…is somehow “worse”.

So nike should stop selling their shoes?
We kill over oil…
I know it sounds like im defending Nike…but honestly, nike is what i like to call, “Trying way too hard” and its “cringeworthy” as they say.

Actually, Micheal Jordan did take heat for that…and still does.



lol dude this is EXACTLY what I said haha!!!
Didnt realize it was nikes 30 anniversary tho…theres NO WAY IN HELL id base my 30 year on this.
Thats just crazy.


That’s why I shared it haha you reminded me of it when you said he should have protested some other way


no you are inferring, just ironic is all i’m saying


Well…man…thats more of a negative cultural issue.
Dont really see it as a Nike problem per se.


And then he talked to them. Maybe he believes in speaking hardly and carrying a small stick, since he has tiny hands.

But the reality is based on who you love that you are proabably a war monger yourself. The old term was neocon but somehow that is now anti-Semitic or something, even though I hear anti-Zionists Jews use it more than anyone else.

Pence is horrible on Civil Liberties, horrible on the war on drugs, Voted for the Iraq war.

If anything Trump has “kinda” dialed back on our awful warring ways. He is speaking to Russia and North Korea, our two biggest “threats”. He does have a lot of war dudes around him though so I do not know if it will last. I mean, Bolton is awful, Pence is awful, McMaster is awful. They all believe in strike first and who cares how many innocents are killed. It’s just collateral damage.

I almost forgot, Pompeo and Haley, both also war mongering asses.