Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



Even tho he used that word more than anyone else…in the white house?
wow…you guys really are blind lol!

I f ind it odd that you say he wasnt “smart” enough when you consider how the president , in his insecurities always has to remind us that he is, himself, “smart”.


Trump wouldn’t be able to do anything to Pence really anyway…unless he died, resigned or was impeached.
It would be pretty awesome to see at that point.
If you think the Republican party is divided now (and it is, Trump Supporters vs Republicans), if Pence WAS the man behind it, we would see some political fireworks for the ages and SEVERE damage of the Republican party.


That would be great because Pence is a known buffoon and would lose in the 2020 primary and we may be able to avoid a President Cuomo, Warren, Harris, or Booker but I don’t see it happening. I am pretty sure Trump will not pick Pence again since he makes Dan Quayle look like a road scholar.


And trump isnt?
lol dude where have you been?
Trumps KNOWN for being a buffoon.

And this was a spur of the moment search

We dont hear anything from pence…dude has been quite as a church mouse.
Or maybe hes…planning…


Did I say he was? He is smarter than Pence but so is my 5 year old dog. We got what we need from Trump. I really do not care if he gets removed. Gorsuch is great, Kavanaugh, not so much. I am a bit scared of who he will pick when Ginsberg dies.

I am also pretty confident he is smarter than GW too but that is not saying much either.


Wait…based on what is Pence a buffoon?
You can look at Trumps Tweet history and see the stuff he says…its hilarious!

Like this from his Twitter that i JUST posted if you scroll up a few:

…Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.

Dude…who says that :rofl: How can I take someone who talks like that seriously??

He sounds like those blondes who were valley girls and how they talk…

Again…why does he need to reaffirm and tell us that hes smart?
Its because hes INSECURE.

Floyd Mayweather, arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time, is always showing his money in stacks.

Bill Gates does not.
Micheal Jordan…does not.
They are comfortable in who they are. They dont need to remind us that they are wealthy.
Floyd Mayweather does…he does it to impress people, but also, he grew up poor and thinks thats what he needs to say to reaffirm to himself and everyone else that hes rich.

Confident people dont need to do that.


Have you looked into his past? Ellis Island for Mexico? His comments on Libya. Pretty much his entire Indiana Career.

You shouldn’t because he is not serious. He is trolling you. Though that CNN article you posted makes me like him more than not and who the fuck cares what David Crosby thinks.

Again, I am not arguing that Trump is smart. Maybe read my posts a little slower. I am just arguing that he is better than the last 3 sociopaths at this point. He still for the most part sucks and I didn’t vote for him and do not plan to vote for him but he is smarter than Pence and GW.


I have looked at Pences (Pences? Not sure about the punctuation) past but in comparison to trump…there is NO comparison. Trumps a trainwreck:


Many of the quotes there are of trumps OWN tweets.

The president of the untited states trolling?
Again…id expect that from you, me, or anyone else. Not the president of the united states.
On top of that…with him it would be all of the time. This is who he is.

Youre smokin crack, Pence is my pick hands down. If i could, over Hilary, probably Bernie and most definitely over Trump.

GW may not have been the smartest but he DID listen to his cabinet.
Trump doesnt even do that…and now hes paranoid all the time. Ill say it again, he did alienate himself in his antics.

He attacked and tried to embarrass and humiliate members of his own party. Youre damn right they are going to go after you when all he should have done was reprimand them behind closed doors.

At this point, he SHOULD be looking over his shoulders.


That does not surprise me. I guess you are a war hawk too. Who cares how many children get blown to bits?

The best part about Trump is that he is exposing that this is pretty much just all bullshit. I have said it for years but only recently are my friends, family, and co-workers also seeing that Democrat vs Republican and pretty much the entire federal government is just a more dangerous version of the WWE. Trump is a heel right now, maybe he becomes a face in a few years.

Do not forget, Did not vote won 2016 in a landslide. 48%. I would not be surprised if that is 55% by 2024.

Since you are still here, do you know how I can dynamically change the number of rows in a extJS grid?


Absolutely not Pirlo75, not at all.
I dont think we should go to war at the drop of a hat.
As far as kids go, they are off limits. Which is why i was highly irritated when Trumps policy involved separating kids from parents.

Thats wrong as hell. No excuse for that. If you send them back to their country…do it as a family. Its very low, and divisive (like alot of things in his presidency) to separate them. Out of all the things hes done, I hope he burns for that in one way or another.

For my Mikce Pence pick, out of the people we had…Trump and Hillary…dude…are you kidding me?
Ive said it before, its like someone telling you theyll shoot you in the hand or the foot. Take your pick.
Those are BAD options on either side.

As far as Democrat vs Republican…ive always felt that we need to be united and were purposely divided. Trump CLEARLY magnifies it as, in ALL of his speeches, he has something negative to say about the Dems.

So many people, and many on this forum get sucked up in the us vs them mentality and IMO are too stupid to see thats exactly what other enemy nations want…for the USA to be divided. And they eat it up.


Pence like your other heroes McCain and Graham are war hawks. They do not care about human life. They want to bomb bomb bomb and kill kill kill. Pence = Hillary when it comes to war.


I have no idea.

Trump was threatening war with NK. Comeon man…
And McCain WAS a hero, dude.


No. McCain was a monster and I hope he is rotting in hell. The songbird of Hanoi was no hero!


Just because he used a word doesn’t make it likely that it was Pence. I would be absolutely stunned if the OpEd was written by Pence. Both the writer and the NYT would know that the scrutiny over this piece would be intense and would understand that the language would be picked apart by everyone looking for clues so they would make sure that there were none and also why not point in a different direction whilst you are at it!

This is true

This is also true. That said Pence is not all he is cracked up to be either and you might just find that his hands are dirty too!


Pence just said Trump is the most successful and accomplished President in his lifetime. He also said he does not see any of what the opt ed writes about in the Trump white house. So my question for @dice, still think Pence is great?


It is possible hes playing the role and biding his time.
Thats actually smart.
But i will admit that its possible hes got some dirt also.
I sure as hell hope not…but with all the indictments, and guilty please…im not so sure anymore.


Yeah…i dont want to think it…but like i said to Pirlo, with all the indictments and guilty pleas.
Im finding it hard to see him not go out unscathed.
BUT, Trump did freeze him out several times during the Flynn fiasco.


He has the best chance of all of them he is not a dumb ass like Trump. If you notice all the key events surrounding the Russia stuff Pence was elsewhere and I don’t think that was by accident. He must know he is an impeachment or a enforcement of the 25th Amendment away from being the next POTUS. This is why I don’t think he would have written the OpEd he wouldn’t be so dumb as to jeopardize things at this stage!


I can definitely see it this way.
I’ve said before on the other thread that notice how Pence is absolutely quiet and has been for a long time.
Almost as if hes sitting back and letting trump hang himself.

Pirlo75 said Pence was stupid.

Again…why has pence been so damn quiet all of this time. Hes rarely spoken a peep.


Pence is stupid. Really stupid. Dan Quayle stupid.


Him being quiet is smart. Letting Trump take the heat.