Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)




Heard about this…if true…hes done.
Too bad…i loved how he constantly goaded Trump into coming after him.

I did hear that he was being set up, but when the rest of the info comes out, and he is the cause of it, again, hes done.

Still wont stop all the hell going on in the whitehouse tho.
Trumps got alot more to worry about that this.


So to the first part…a mess? Based on what?
What is your proof?
What have you seen that supports this?
You just lost the house…donny…thats a BIG deal. As far as not found collusion…maybe not but they found all sorts of other stuff…and have produced felons.

The screaming and shouting…who the hell is this dude talking about :joy:
Name names…youre the president…so wheres YOUR proof?
Whose been threatened? Name names…get rid of them…lawsuits…so who was threatened??
If its YOUR people, 45, then surely, youre the president and can protect them will all of your power…right?
Unless youre LYING and making it all up…
Again…WHERE is your proof.

What lives?
Oh…wait…YOURS…and your Felon friends, right?
Commit crimes…and you can go to jail. Seriously.
And you mention Bob Mueller…Veteran that served when you ran like a coward (to bone spurs), and has been a republican LONGER than you have :rofl::rofl::rofl: and Chosen by Bush as Director of the FBI…
Lastly, moron…when they are done with that investigation…then can and will do another or heres an idea…Einstein, you can start one NOW…

BUT wait…when YOU controlled the HOUSE AND THE SENATE…and had COMPLETE REPUBLICAN CONTROL…why didnt you investigate Hilary THEN???

All that power…and you have no idea how to use it.

Resign…your outbursts and tantrums make you look like a weak old man…

Its almost hilarious that people look at this man like hes some sort of brilliant genius.


When I find out someone is a Trump supporter (especially at this point in time), I stop paying attention to what they are saying. The implication of being a Trump supporter is that they are an easily manipulated rube.


You know man…i think its a combination of things.
People will want to believe what they want to believe. Even if its not realistic. They choose to believe a lie. I honestly cant see how people can still follow him.
Be a Republican, sure…absolutely, but know who to separate good from bad.

Trumps message is plainly simple. Democrats evil, Trump good. Republicans good.
And i dont buy the whole thing about Fox news either. MANY Trump supporters ONLY watch fox news…but what i question is…how the hell do they miss this:

And this:

And this:

These guys are always on fox…so how can his supporters, who claim they ONLY watch Fox news…conveniently ignore this?

And those are 3 different anchors at that.

And another tactic theyll use is say all media is bad.
So what connections do these people have to the white house and around the entire planet are they getting their information from?
This way, they can create their own beliefs and world even tho it may contradict the REAL world.

The thing with trump is that if he can get you to believe him and ONLY him, then he can abolish ANY negative news against him and at that point, people will think that hes a god and believe any and everything that he says.

Its a form of control. Hes playing the victim, but is still a dictator of sorts. Im shocked people were dumb enough to fall for it.

Even if you dont support Trump and, say…support another Republican…trump has also divided them too.
Remember…ALL of the people Trump has fired are REPUBLICANS. So theres division within the Republican party itself.

Regardless…i love watching him destroy himself.:rofl: and then people try to defend him in which, they cant!


This is so fucking dumb!!!


Wait…what is this?

I dont have an issue of support of the channel…i mean…its a bit cheesy but it is what it is.
But like i said…if they believe fox news, then those 3 anchors i listed are also fox news and they frequently speak out against trump.


It is the subscription options to Fox Nation their streaming offer. But the price levels are stupid no discount for signing up for more years and idiotic trinkets. Maybe their audience want founders coins and caps for $100!






Quite possibly LOL.

BTW…i know this is off topic…but the crypto space looks CRAZY!!!



Fake…its all fake.
NONE of these people have left/been arrested(Felons)/lied.

Its ALL FAKE NEWS! NONE of this is real!

So…trump wants to start a network…now…i wonder…i reeeeeally wonder…all of these people saying CNN/Fox are bias and fake…are these same people dumb enough to think…a network created BY trump wold be unbiased?

If you TRULY believe that, then you probably think that QAnon is real… :joy: … :neutral_face: …:thinking:

BTW…i wonder does Trump supporters get tired of being lied to by Trump himself.
…where are the Middle Eastern terrorists that are also in the caravan???








This. Wtf. So much lol.


Trump runs from being fact checked?

and Sarah Sanders fact checked by CNN live?


So Cohen pleads guilty to more lies to Congress and the FBI. Trump comes out and says I don’t know why Michael was lying about something that everybody knew about. But didn’t Trump previously say he had no business deals in Russia!!! It will be interesting to find out what Trump told Mueller in his written replies to the Special Counsel’s questions. One of them was about the Trump Tower Moscow project, if Trump lied about it…

Perhaps more important though is if Trump was still working on the Moscow Tower project after he had his intelligence briefing in August 2016 about Russian attempts to influence the elections then he is in serious trouble just from that alone! Note Trump was absolutely allowed to do business with the Russians whilst he was a candidate the problem is that he lied about it on multiple occasions and once he was aware of what the Russians were doing he should have backed away. But he didn’t and in not doing so gave the Russians even more leverage over him. Plus he wanted the dirt on Hillary and they were going to get it for him!

This also plays into Trump Jnr’s testimony to Congress where he lied saying he knew little about the project and had no involvement. That will likely be proven to be a lie and then Trump Jnr gets an indictment…

Trump will likely go into full disinformation mode now selectively releasing documents and having his PR people claim it was all Hillary, Obama or anyone else he can deflect attention to!