Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



Being called a snowflake by a shit for brains doesn’t exactly bother me and of course you don’t understand why they didn’t do this years ago because turkeys don’t think about much.


The corruption is hilarious tho. They arent even trying to attempt to hide it.
Going to be interesting come voting time.
You know the dems are going to try as hard as they can to impeach Trump.


Wow! The stupid is so strong with you. Do you wear a helmet?


its sad that you dont possess the ability to control your emotions.


Are you serious? No one cares about opinions from Bart and Homer, nor what they argue about, unless your a Simpsons fan. (Not a Simpson fan because it’s a make believe world designed to entertain) Just like fake news networks. You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth. So you get fed Fox,CNN ect.


Right because the guy that does not know that 11 > 4 can tell what someone’s emotions are based on reading posts on the internet. How many toilets did you have to clean yesterday?


First off, theres ALOT more outlets than Fox, CNN, and MSNBC…bloomberg, BBC, RT, RT America, Al Jazeera etc.
Theres too many to name worldwide.
Ive posted a few resources, especially in the other trump thread outside of those outlets.
But clearly people do care about opinion pieces on all of these networks.
Ive seen a few…the people they debate at times are Lawyers, Scientists, Judges…it just depends on the subject matter.

Id hardly consider them a bart or a homer unless you are referring to the opinion pieces and ive already addressed that.
A joe off the street, sure. But someone who i can review their background, education, experience, if they have publications (books), court cases in which they participated etc.
Hell…some are actual politicians that, unfortunately run this country.
Thats a different story.

Did cohen plead guilty?
Did manafort?
Both was posted over all stations.

Please dont tell me youre leading into QAnon…

Outside of that, where are you getting your world wide updates?

And youre just jumping on the bandwagon because of how upset I made you.
Again, i had no idea that you were such a sensitive person…nor did i realize that i had that much control over someones emotions via an internet web forum.
I should have handled you with more delicacy and tender loving care.
I apologize.


There ya go little buddy!



What bandwagon? Believe me when I say a turkey can never get me upset. The only thing that bothered me a little bit was you claiming I have no family and I should kill myself. You add no value to the world. No value to the pub and really serve no purpose except as a puppet. Maybe return the the first wives thread, scroll down to my first comment there and follow along and if you have a brain slightly bigger than a turkey, you could see where you went wrong. You love the worst people in the world and suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now go tune into Cavuto or Maddow and get your opinions since you have no cognitive ability to understand anything for yourself.


yep, they are called sheep


You see people will always voluntarily give up freedom and feel the need to acknowledge a ruling class.Those that do not can be divided again, but for me I don’t care about that because I understand the majority of people do not know how to govern themselves, and do want and need the programming, and human farming, the “leadership” to feel that they are apart of something, or for moral welfare or for other reasons I do not understand. I have better things to do with my time than to hear about another persons affairs or taxes or whatever.


Its the Internet…and you let something like that bother you?
Dude, you need to SERIOUSLY grow some thick skin.
If you cant handle these discussions, then maybe you shouldn’t post here as it would prove to be a bit, “much” for you.

Maybe…but Id encourage people to do their own investigation and dont blindly believe what you see.
If you hear something crazy…follow it it up with your on research.
I think those opinion pieces REALLY tend to shape peoples beliefs on a give subject.
But you can analyze an opinion piece and see if its based in fact or not.


If that is of concern to you, but the spider is not concerned with the worries of the fly


I can handle these discussions but if anyone shouldn’t be posting, it is you. You have proven time and again that you don’t comprehend what you read and all you do is copy and paste crappy opinion pieces from so called journalists that nobody with a brain takes seriously. Again, you provide no value. You are just a sheepish bootlicker.



Anyone have a prediction on the Mid-Terms?
I dont think i have anything at all. Only assumptions.






Did any of these blue checkmark idiots bother to learn when the Presidential Alert System was enacted and who was President? Nah, of course not.

McAfee is not a fan.
The “Presidential alerts”: they are capable of accessing the E911 chip in your phones - giving them full access to your location, microphone, camera and every function of your phone. This not a rant, this is from me, still one of the leading cybersecurity experts. Wake up people!
— John McAfee (@officialmcafee)



damn the 20 char thing