Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



I do think Trump’s tariff stuff is ill informed and unlikely to yield anything beneficial. However, the idea that intellectual property theft as being bogus is straight up lies. I have personal witnessed and had to direct teams of people to counter Chinese hackers inside large company networks stealing commercial secrets and IP it happens regularly and is state directed!


A quick google search will show you that they really dont care about stealing and counterfeiting consumer electronics and other products.

But when you have facilities that MAKE the product there…what do you expect?

And from what i understand, its cheaper to make those…outsourced.
Thats an issue that needs to be resolved…Trump.


World leaders laugh at Trump?


What he said was complete BS but still…


Yeah I saw this earlier just reinforces my point that he is not gain respect around the world. Most the other world leaders think he is a lunatic and a joke! He has done little to get the world to respect the USA any more!


Whats interesting is that he talked to them like he talks to his base.

Different type of crowd…Trump :rofl:




Deflection I think. It is a disgrace that despite overwhelming evidence of Russian attempts to interfere with the 2016 elections Trump and his administration have done precisely nothing to combat the threat for the future!


My thing is…what is his proof?

What, in the research hes claimed to have done?
From what teams?
He doesnt trust the FBI or anyone else…so…who?

What counter cyber-security teams is he working with?

This is of specific interest to me because its in my field.
If hes not choosing the best in that category, then who is he choosing?


You should know that Trump doesn’t require proof in the way that you and I would understand it he simply believes something so that makes it true!! His source is probably someone on Fox!


Thats some REALLY scary stuff.
Especially if ts coming from Sean Hannity.


Did anyone read this?



I KNEW there was good in that family…


Lol it is clear that mother didn’t approve! :rofl:


Ya think?

She KNEW Trump was corrupt…man…id LOVE to see if she would speak on this publicly.
It would shut ALOT of people up…

But then wed get the Deep State claims.
I swear…they make it up as they go along :rofl:


“In less than two years,” Trump told the General Assembly, setting up a go-to line used frequently among his political base, “my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

Then, something remarkable happened. There was no applause, but rather laughter, as the world’s diplomats acknowledged the uncomfortable reality that America’s leader—ostensibly the most powerful and influential person in the world—had transformed himself into a sad joke.

“America’s …” Trump tried to continue, before being compelled to smile at the laughter breaking out before him. “So true,” he said, to even more laughter. “Didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s OK.” The gathered diplomats laughed some more, before politely applauding to make an awkward moment less so.

An American president had just become—literally—the laughingstock of the world.


Y eah…we were talking about that.
He later said he “meant” it to be a joke…and im like…dude…you said, in FRONT OF THE PLANET that you did NOT expect that response.

He simply can NOT help lying. Its pretty remarkable.

Anyway…u guys see this:


Even tho were not allies…Chinas probably thinking, “WTF?? What do we have to do with this??”

I dont think China cares about whose president at all. They do want all of our military secrets, however.
Pretty funny how trump tries to direct the fire to China instead of Russia.




Lindsey Graham goes off:

But Lindsey, Republicans blocked folks too:

The thing is…EVERYONE is doing it.
Such short memories we have…
Not gonna lie, i love Grahm…but hes a MASSIVE hypocrite here.


He is a fucking weasel I cannot stand the guy. This is total grand standing he is as much in the pocket of Putin as Trump. I am pretty sure the accusations against Kavanaugh are true unfortunately. My opposition to him stems from the majority reason why Trump wants to appoint him and that is he has expressed views that the President can’t be indicted or impeached whilst in office. This is exactly what Trump is looking for it is his only way out now!


Im pretty sure McCain would have given this pause.

Anyway, this is an older article, shocking as it is, it makes me think:

“Id rather be Russian than a Democrat”.

So…my thing is, for the QAnon folks…and ive said this before in the old Trump thread, if i can divide a nation, i can beat you.

Something as simple as this shirt, alone speaks volumes.
If im Russian, i LOVE this.
QAnon folks will dismiss this as nothing…something minor…but have “Republican” in place of Democrat and well see hellfire and damnation…

This is basically psychological warfare. But the fact that weve gone this far is just incredible.


Do you think McCain is enjoying hell?

I hope so. He is finally home.

He probably really misses his bitch Lindsey but I am sure he will be joining him in a few decades or maybe this week if Kavanaugh is rejected.