Does Anyone Here in The Pub Have Access to the Suppoman Mastermind FB Group?


So I am trying to get into as many of the really great insider groups where insider knowledge is released before it reaches Youtube. Obviously I am as deeply entrenched in everything Pub relates as I can get at the moment, as well as Ian Balina’s channels and a few others, but I am having trouble getting into Suppoman’s Mastermind Group on facebook. I’ve put in my application, and I’ve been waiting for over a week now for approval, and yet every time I’ve checked in I’ve seen new people getting approved daily and I seem to be getting passed over. Is there a waiting period because of the sheer number of people trying to get in? I just dont know.


TL/DR: If you want to join his FB group, you need to get a password which you can get from one of his UDEMY courses. But I would say the group is not really that good as a source of info.

More info:

I’m a member of the group. Before you can join you would need a password, and you can get a password by enrolling in any one of his cryptocurrency courses in udemy. I bought his course last year to know what secret coin he was usually mentioning as THE big crypto in almost all his videos (turned out to be Bitquence, now Ethos which is not that big). Also to get in on his Facebook group. But I don’t really visit it much as for me, the quality of posts isn’t really that good.

For example the 10 most recent posts are as follows:
-“I got some fiat, what should I buy”
-A coinmarketcap screenshot of a shitcoin (This coin if you’re interested:
-a hodl meme
-copy paste of this article:
-A post about Lamborghini (
-A guy speculating that we will see a support/etracement soon, citing fib retracement from 850 Billion to around 400 Billion is over 50% (this is the only one post about additional info, and only received one comment so far)
-Guy asking if anyone is investing in the Ceek ICO.
-Guy asking for BTC TA tips.
-Guy promoting “Coining News”, a crypto/social platform:
-A link to a coinbase article:

I don’t think this group is a very good quality source for new info. I sometimes even think this group functions as a PnD sometimes. Suppoman also has a Telegram announcement channel where he would share a coin that he is going to feature in his next video, which causes a bit of a pump (which also commonly dumps a little bit later).

Hope this helps!


Much appreciated. I have taken his latest course and received the password to get into the group, but have not been granted access. Will send a DM.


Imagine suppoman and mastermind in the same sentence


I LOLd reading your response while looking at your profile pic.


Haha. Good point. In all fairness have you seen the last 10 posts here?
Probably not the best measure of quality.


How dare u insult muh community



Lol! Not going to lie, our Pub definitely has the best community by far.


I guess it’s okay to diversify your community too lol


It’s gotten a little better after their ‘regulations’ (no ref links, no fudding, etc) but it’s still a ways off from getting to pub-level quality,


Agree 100%!!!


EDIT: After further consideration I feel like I made an unfair comparison. This forum has many different subforms whereas Suppomans mastermind group is only for how should I say…
"serious crypto discussion."
The pub is a very serious place as well but not really the same as the suppo group. With so many sub forums its not really fair to compare the two. So my point about “have you seen the last 10 posts here” is most certainly a silly comparison. In short I was wrong. Sorry guys.


So does anyone know what his “best ICO” is this time around? Apparently the pre-sale is on this week. Just curious :slight_smile:


Suppo just released a new course on Udemy. The chat in his Mastermind group is going nuts. People are getting banned for posting it in his group and sharing elsewhere. The chatter inside the Mastermind has people who have purchased his program, and people who haven’t, and the battle of the purchasers verses the non purchasers has started.

Watching the youtube video he posted this morning, the only type of ICO he didnt cover was Infrastructure. And the most exciting Infrastructure ICO coming out right now isn’t even available for US residents.

My advice is wait for the youtube reveal. You’ll have plenty of time to get in and DCA.


I’m not a US resident so if you think you know what it is, I’m all ears :slight_smile:


have heard that the new super secret ICO :rofl::rofl: is Seele


Lol. Pwnd. Zzz … :poop::poop::poop:


Lol! Oh well… There is chatter in his groups, from people who haven’t purchased the course, that it could be vice because of that first mover advantage in the porn industry.


Live right now


What is he sorry about? TL;DR?