Decentralized TV Suggestions and Improvements


What about encoding just the audio from the videos into MP3 before encoding the mp4 and uploading the mp3 to soundcloud?


I guess… I could do that.


If you upload the mp3 to my trello, I can drop it in sound cloud there with a pic etc if you like. There’d be a delay to it going up so the video gets views but Id get it up. Takes time off your plate. Lemme know.


I second that I listen to the audio while i drive


Sorry mate but your criticism of Peter and his videos is inappropriate. Having somebody else read the articles? are you kidding me? That’s the whole point. Peter is funny as hell and makes me laugh, especially the Korean BBQ comments.
As far as references to weed. I have 3 kids also and there is nothing wrong with weed. What is wrong is big Pharma controlling the government to outlaw weed so they can sell their synthetic shit to the population.
Lastly, most of his news comes from The Merkle, coindesk and cointelegraph. You can easily find it yourself. Peter is doing us a favor and works for free. Nobody is entitled to anything.
Keep up the great work Peter, we appreciate the stuff you do!


I hear none of what you say. I listen because he makes it interesting, unlike regular news people. I actually think he has a natural affinity.


I appreciate you coming to my defense here my man!

However, I INVITE criticism and critique!

I, like I have said to all of you thru b90x, want to improve as well.

I KNOW there are better ways of doing what i’m doing now, even I get stuck in the routine of sorts. I do need to improve a couple things.

So I don’t mind people telling me I need to improve! Especially if they are willing to post it publically to our wonderful Pub!

It’s the youtube comments that I generally ignore because… youtube.

You guys mean the world to me. Thank you for your honesty and transparency.

I shall improve…
Oh and the weed?
Yeh. Weed is (to me) not a big deal. It’s a f*cking plant.
I haven’t seen any warning labels on weed products like I see when you pop a freaking tylenol or anything you see on commercials…

I always wonder when people watch those commercials… are they really… that… ignorant?

Get this medicine, it’ll help you make that red dot on your skin go away.
Side effects include: dry mouth, internal bleeding, diarrhea, cancer, and even death.

Why do people choose to remove a red dot when the other alternatives are so horrendous?


sad truth is image > everything else these days. like any quick solution always comes with drawbacks. natural healing for longevity and healthy living. :kiwi_fruit: oh and dont forget to smile/laugh


The TL;DR is:

Just change your diet which is 99%.
Then create a workout regimen.

Da da!


Maybe I smoke too much, but I don’t notice daily weed references?

If it’s a problem, don’t listen in front of the kids…

But imo, if you really don’t like weed, don’t shield your kids like it doesn’t exist… It’ll just make it more interesting when they find out later in life…

If they’re young enough to not understand it doesn’t matter, and if they’re old enough to understand, educate them and tell them the man is just joking or whatever


One has to wonder.
Not cool to talk about weed.
But ok to watch half naked people on commercials and tv, blood and gore in every tv show…


A bit of a workaround but there are ways to play just the audio of a YouTube video on mobile phones.


  • Open YouTube in the Chrome browser.
  • In the three-dot menu at the top right, check the “Request desktop site” box.
  • Navigate to the video you want to listen to and press play.
  • If you’re shown a warning saying YouTube wants to send you notifications, accept it.
  • Exit the Chrome app and you’ll be able to resume playback from the notification menu.


  • Download the Dolphin web browser to your iOS device.
  • Open YouTube in Dolphin.
  • Navigate to the video you want to listen to and press play.
  • Exit the Dolphin app and you’ll be able to resume playback from the iOS Control Center.

Also, I think having a YouTube Red subscription allows audio only playback.


I may get flamed for this but less video’s on a daily basis. I really enjoy them and tend to listen to all broadcasts. But its tough to listen to them all when there are 6+ video’s in a 24 hour span.



The way youtube aggregates videos to be found in the side bar/recommendations it is helpful for the channel owner to pump multiple pieces of content vs less. So in a round about way the growth of your channel(if you’re good) is somewhat dependent on the amount of content. More content = more organic growth of YouTube showing your videos in feeds.

Or to look at it this way, if Peter did 1 video a day you may not have found him til way later!



I like the 6 5 minute videos format more than the 1 30 minute video a lot of others do. Easier to digest and easier to skip the stuff you don’t care about this way


Make that 10+ videos per day :wink:

The video format allows me to get out as much news as possible to those I care about: you guys.

You don’t have to listen to each one. Ignore whatever!

More options are better than less options in this regard.


Your vids are too good to ignore. Guess I just need to keep watching them. Keep up the good work!


@peter Podsync can take the YouTube feed you already manage and make it an RSS feed:

If you have an iTunes Connect account, [you can invite me as a user and] I can add the podcast to it and set it up with the graphics, etc. It’ll run itself.

If you don’t like the use of a third party, I can spit out a script for it to managed on a DC server.

Just let me know. I’d love the podcast so am willing to handle the workload of setting it up.


My suggestion is review the article before reading it, so as not to come up with any surprises. I would also suggest to write down any pertinent thoughts that enter your mind. For example, one of your latest videos about Steven Seagal getting behind Bitcoiin, you wanted to say the movie the Rock, but you were unable to in the moment. I would suggest printing out the article or using a smaller tablet, mark the location you want say said thought and then say it to make the videos smoother. The drawback is this will take away from your spontaneity. Double edged sword I guess.