Decentralized TV Suggestions and Improvements


I like the fact Peter is providing news on a daily basis. It’s a great service. Some suggestions to make it better are as follows:

  • Can you provide the content on a podcast so that I can listen to them on the way to work?
  • Not trying to be mean but constructive criticism, when Peter reads the news, he tens to slur words, smacks his tongue, doesn’t pronounce the words and his voice inflection changes repeatable making it hard to listen to. Any chance of having someone else read the news? Again, not trying to be mean but It’s something I’ve noticed repeatedly as Peter is reading the news.
  • Can you show the link to the article so that I can read it myself?
  • Less promotion of weed. I know you like playing the weed clip but I’m not a supporter of the weed movement and as someone who has kids, I don’t want them to be influenced by the promotion of weed as you are on a daily basis.

Overall, I think you are doing a good job in the crypto space in providing content to the masses!


thanks for the feedback.


True. Thanks for the feedback!


Agree with podcast audio is taking over and allows you to be super productive. Youtube you have to really focus on what you are doing with the platform.

Personally i love Peters enthusiasm and color commentary with the news. I would hate to listen to some mundane actor reading off stories.


Podcast is a cool idea.

Sure Peter slurs his words a bit but it’s not bad at all. In my opinion if you notice it that much you might personally just be overly-sensitive to it. If anyone else read the news the viewership would go down dramatically. Peter is the face and personality of DecentralizedTV and the reason people come to watch. His personality, demeanor, and humor is infectious. Ain’t nobody got time to care about a few slurred words. Being in the Crypto game since 2013, I have plenty of sources of information and read most of the articles Peter reads even before he posts them. I still watch the videos for his personality and insights.

There is almost nothing wrong with weed, and in fact if you do your due diligence and research you will find there are a ton of health and medical benefits to weed and the only reason it’s illegal with a bad reputation is because of nefarious reasons by the people in power. Most of the weed found in America is brought in by the CIA anyway. The War on drugs, and the oil industry not wanting to lose business to hemp are a couple of the top reasons. But, just like Crypto, do your own research.

My only criticism about Decentralized TV is the same thing I love about it, almost too many videos for me to have time to watch haha.


I agree with points 1 and 3 but wholeheartedly disagree with the rest.
I could spend 1 or more hours writing the reasons why but can’t really be arsed as am working a night shift shortly. In short I love the fact Peter is raw and makes the odd mistake… it makes him real !


I enjoy the streams. Great content, short and sweet. yoooooooooooooooooooooo


For the love of Pete, can we get daily Icon updates? I kid I kid.

I can agree with #1 & 3, but other than that, keep doing you.


I agree with #3 for sure some linkage would be great. Other than that Smoke weeeed everyday…:eyes:


I dig the streamlined nature of the Decentralized videos. Short and sweet and directly to the topic. This is just the way most people work. This strategy can keep folks attention span for a few minutes. The way I see it is these are all handpicked and applicable to the subject matter of the day, so the headline tags can pull people into the bigger picture of the mission. More hooks can catch more fish!

Perhaps instead of a time consuming podcast style, you could consolidate the weeks posts into one downloadable nugget? This way it’s not taking more time away from family time… delicate balance shouldn’t be stressed or it can become burdensome.

I personally like the human nature and the occasional flaws. Let’s me know I’m dealing with a sentient and passionate human vs. A well rehearsed script reading npr style bot simulation. I’m pretty fucking ghetto at heart so I appreciate the humor mixed in with intelligent discourse. Like a snifter of finely aged MD 20/20 for my discerning pallete :wine_glass:

Keep on rocking in the free world brothers :smile:




Ahhh! MD 20/20 I find the 1996 to be a great year. :joy::rocket:


well i would love a podcast of DCTV news somewhere for download daily. it would keep me super productive while staying in tune with the news. the daily youtube clips are kinda overwhelming sometimes with notifications but keep doing you peter thats why i tune in. only change for the better


Just to shed a little light and put things into perspective, it’s not a pro-weed movement as it is an anti-weed movement.
Weed as we know it today has been used for thousands of years as medicine and a catalyst in
spiritual enlightenment, only in the last 100 years has it been socially and legally wrong to use/grow ( a great conspiracy Sunday topic, btw), and mostly only in westernised countries.
A quick look at our history and a basic understanding of the hemp plant should be evidence enough. If the human race is going to survive, I think we will need to look at it as one of our best renewable resources.
Personal opinion and no judgement, as parents we need to do what we feel is best for our children.


Just wanted to say that I very much enjoy the show! What I particularly like about it, apart from being informative, is that you do your thing, being yourself and keeping it real. Please dont try to please everyone by being political correct, ( not that I think you would). Even though I might not agree with everything you say or do, I do very much respect that you voice your own opinions, say what you think, and do and say what you want, weed and ball sacks included! Thank you :sunglasses:


I enjoy the show everyday!


Weed and ballsacks…how many YouTube channels can say they’ve got that? HA

Edit: I really don’t want to know.


#1 and #3 for sure. I checked on creating a feed for myself of the channel, but didn’t want to co-opt DCTV. :slight_smile:

#2 :confused:

#4 Don’t let your kids listen or screen them before playing it for them.

Good feedback, @VroomR, but do you, @peter. The channel can’t be a PBS special if that’s not what makes Peter happy and returning daily to do free shows. #cantpleaseeveryone #justmy2cents :wink:


Doing a great job there @peter. Keep up the good work! :+1: No complaints here.

Great to see your videos are not rehearsed and robotic (like many) and always have an element of humour in them :smile:


Appreciate all the feedback.
Most of your issues will be resolved when we launch Yum.
As for the podcasts… i don’t have time to do it.
If someone wants to spend the time making podcasts and uploading them to a DCTV podcast place… all you.
One of the problems is storage of data and costs.