Decentralized TV Cracks the 40,000 subscribers mark!



Hey everybody, the trip to the moon continues! Congratulations @peter and @john on reaching 40,000 subscribers on YouTube!


Congrats @peter and @john!! Pretty dope to grow so quickly in this day and age! 100k is around the corner :rocket::rocket:


Very impressive and well deserved. Congrats guys!


growing superfast :rocket: and well deserved :slight_smile:



we’re powered by an amazing community!

and someday… someone will find that person on the milk …


Congrats - Keep grinding, we love everything you guys are doing.


we’re having a lot of fun… that helps!

you all make the difference!


I was waiting post this, seemed like just yesterday. Hoping yall grow as fast as Peter Mckinnon! That guy straight moonshot


Amazing work guys and we’ll deserved. I’ve only been here a few weeks and instantly felt at home, the work ethic you guys have got is an inspiration to me and am sure others in the community.
Take a transatlantic high five :pray: