Decentralized exchanges


With what’s going on with binance the last few days, has anyone come across exchanges that are fully decentralised. I know there’s a new one coming in March called Nex. I’d also say Peter and John may have something in the pipeline. Any views or ideas.


Oh wait it’s only for neo.


I’m dying for more. Looking into ATM buys. Coinbase and their insane 1099K garbage, plus the bank-block is making me feel less comfy with them. Especially if they AUTOMATICALLY report your 1099K to the IRS with HIGHLY inaccurate numbers. If they get sued for this or otherwise, well, let’s just say I keep a balance of “zero” on coinbase for a reason.


checkout Komodos BarterDEX…disclaimer I hold komodo…:joy:


I know a big ones to look out for is the OmiseGo’s DEX, ICON’s DEX, and NEX. There are a few DEX’ currently but they’re in the “dial-up” phase and are kind of a hassle to use regularly. I think the best approach would be to start a centralized exchange then go decentralized, but that’s just my opinion.


Yeah hopefully binance can do something like this after their problems this week, but fully decentralised exchanges can’t come quick enough.


Komodo dial up phase included 50,000 atomic swaps, including ETH. Its ready to go.Agree its a bit of hassle but they are working on a grandma friendly version!