Decentralized Exchanges - what are the most promising projects for 2018?


Hi everyone

It seems that at some point Decentralized exchanges will become the norm, or at least rival CEX’s. I would like to put some money into one, when I can get to the bottom of what might rise to the top. I’m a bit overwhelmed by coins in general right now, and thought I’d try and get a discussion going here for others who are interested.

What do you consider to be the most promising projects for DEX’s in 2018?

I’ve only used IDEX, and I just keep finding more and more…crypto bridge, waves, etherdelta etc.

I’m just trying to narrow it down to the best of the best, hopefully with a bit of help here. So please give your opinions :slight_smile:

p.s I found a list of DEX’s…so many scroll down a bit! :


NEX is gonna be huge! Then ICX has their own DEX.


Decentralized Exchanges based on their structure and possibilities which they create literally gives me explosions in the paggies. Everyone knows about their potential and also we have seen many great projects however I believe the best is still ahead.
I’v been testing few like Crypto Bridge or BitShares and with all positives there is a lot room for improvements. I’m aware MLM as a income source isn’t likely consider in days of crypto adoption but as a system of learning while earning from actual helping nodes and teaching them is worth considering.


Yeah very interested in ICX too!


Thanks for the replies guys. I was hoping this thread could turn into a big ongoing one for us all to keep up to date with DEX’s and share info.

So please list any you think are top contenders, and we can keep the discussion going. :slight_smile:


EOSFinex seems to be the biggest project and the most professional imo. It’s the first actual mainstream exchange to be building a dex. The dex will also be on EOS which has instant transactions :slight_smile:


Haven’t Binance got plans & are working towards going Decentralised?
I even think they’re offering a a huge financial reward for the company / project that is brought to them from outside of their own development teams, that could be utilised.

This then, if true & providing it happens in the near future, will surely be the largest… & probably the best DEX.


Are we allowed to shill our own projects for 2018? If so, then My Crypto Name and Token Name Service, but if not, then or Although I don’t think is a 2018 project, correct me if I’m wrong there.