Decentralized Art Shows at SXSW - - Artists Accepting Crypto!



Continuing the discussion from Decentralized Art Shows at SXSW! It's a #CryptoParty Peeh-pol lol:

The 2018 unofficial SXSW Crypto Summit afterparty will be our 7th Decentralized Art Show!

We now have over 20 fulltime #dArtists accepting cryptocurrency for their creations without middleman or third party intervention.

Many of these artists had not received a payment in digital cash before exhibiting in a decentralized art show and now prefer cryptocurrency to FIAT cash. Below a few artists share why they prefer accepting Bitcoin and other cryptos…

“As a creator, artist, and developer; I accept cryptocurrency for many reasons. It’s faster than fiat, I end up getting deposits in minutes not days. It’s safer than fiat. I don’t need to provide critical personal information to a third party or to anyone. Finally, and most importantly, I use and accept crypto because it puts me in control of my money and my work, with no hidden fees or service charges.”_
James Nye

“Accepting crypto at events is a much more efficient way to receive payment. It’s quick and effortless. This frees up more time to connect with the people I’m around. The community around crypto is filled with passion and innovation: an artist’s dream!”
Vivi Monpetit

“To acquire a limited edition digital artwork using the QR Code as a canvas of mine, the patron must send Bitcoin straight to the artwork. The transaction is there on the Blockchain to verify scarcity and drive value. Once I began to take cryptocurrency as a form of payment for this project, it wasn’t a far jump to accept it for all of my other art - and services.”
Ismael Cavazos

“Cryptocurrency is my preferred form of payment for my art. I like decentralized peer-to-peer trades”
Johnny Dollar

Our next show is coming up during SXSW on March 12 - - Please RSVP on the Meetup Group or on Facebook

Remember even if you can’t make it in person to our Decentralized Art Shows, they’re all preserved in 3D in our online gallery!

I can’t wait to see everyone at an event soon! Stay tuned for more details…

Tipping Artists with Bitcoin during SXSW 2018