Decentralized Art Shows After Party for the Dallas Bitcoin Superconference



Check out some footage from our recent shows…

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great, some awesome paintings right there.


Thanks, you’re right the art is outstanding! We’re adding new artists every day… Let me know if you’re ever interested in submitting some art, or if you know any talented creatives send them our way please!


count me in, i didnt want to spend 800 bucks on tickets to the conference, glad i can still come out to meet yall.


We have more fun at the after party than the conference anyway lol :smile: #cryptoparty


How is it different from a bunch of other art shows (apart from payments in crypto)?

Can anyone exhibit? Isn’t it curated?

You don’t take a fee from artists?

Not hating on your show, seems cool… just seems like the same as a lot of shows… at least here in Denmark… They’re first come, first served, but anyone who pay the fee can show their art :slight_smile:


No offense taken, I’m happy to see more people getting interested in it…
We have plans to continually expand the type of artists and creators who are in the shows - like now we have dancers, singers, musicians, graffiti artists, live painters, pottery makers, henna tattoo artists, any and all type of creatives are welcome !



I wish I could join, but it’s a little long way from home :rofl:

I don’t do much at the moment, but I used to paint graffiti, but mostly crime, throwup style and such, not so much walls…

Now I do more abstract, but kinda graffiti inspired stuff. Lots of splat and drips… just been a bit lazy with it lately

some random ish… bad pics though…


Those are good! I love colorful art :smile: It’s prob cutting it too close for this Saturday’s show, but we’re doing 2-3 shows per month now all over the world - so just lmk - If you want to send some pieces of art to us for the show we have preferred shipping partners I can connect you with, or I’ll just give you the address and you can handle shipping…
We’re working on a way to include digital art or pieces that can’t make it physically to our gallery, like a statue in a park or something …we do our best anyway lol! :smile:


Cool and thanks!!

Yeah, would probably be pretty late to send from Europe now, but would be neat

Makes me wanna make some new, crypto related stuff :smiley:


It happens like that lol! I say follow your inspiration - and do it BIGLY! :tada::confetti_ball:


Post it, I’d be interested in seeing it! Cheers :clinking_glasses:!


I’ve had a pneumonia for 3 weeks and all my paint is at a friends house… :cry:

But I’m almost well again, so I’ll get to it soon :slight_smile:


Damn I just saw this! I totally would have come out. Next time let me know, we throw really cool art shows at our brewery, might be an option with a really cool space.


We had a few cupcakes left over from the party, so we passed them out in the lobby the next day at the conference - - It was a great conversation starter! A few people stopped what they were doing to go to coinpuffs website, and even looked up @john blog :smile:


Rocking it out! Looks great!!!


Letting everyone know about and crypto yum :grin::+1::sunglasses::100:


Let’s do it! We’ll be in Austin for SXSW…


Rough Draft of a RECAP Video From Dallas Decentralized Art Show

I’ll definitely meet you in Austin!