Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Body not feeling :100: but trying to stretch and roll out and do what I can. :sweat_smile:


Strong workout! 3mi on the treadmill, speed 6 then heavy chest day. Channeling my inner Yoel.


YOO, I miss this community. I’ve been MIA being overloaded with work and prepping for my wedding in 5 weeks. BUT, I haven’t missed the gym.

Need to cut weight now. :muscle:


@john if you are looking for American made and manufactured I am particularly fond of Rogue Fitness and have made many purchases for my University gym. Great stuff that can take a beating and last.


I use one of those for my back almost every day along with an inversion table, everyone should own one.:+1:


I have an inversion table too, but am kinda wary about using it due to spinal fusion though. So it’s kind of an expensive laundry drying rack for now :laughing:


@Michelle_Orio Yea I would do some research on that, My dad had a bi lateral disk surgery a couple years back, but you have to be more careful with a fusion. That is one of the main reasons i invert every day. He has had back problems since i was my sons age, being raised poor he turned into a workaholic , after 44 years of building custom homes he has had both shoulders operated on and the back so I am doing as much preventative maintenance as possible. :+1:


Great on you! I’m trying to do my best too, but it was inevitable at the time, so doing what I can so issues don’t get worse, now and in the future. :grimacing:


Happy born day bro!!! :birthday::tada::tada:


Week 2 of P90X, chest & back. My gym shares space with my party garage lol. Heavy bag, resistance bands, free weights, jump rope, treadmill, and the outdoors (kayaking, hiking, mountain trail running) is my gym. No fees.


I got it right this time…


Thanks!! :cake: :birthday:


Lifting weights again today.
My workout music on repeat:


Today was OHP, incline db press, dips, incline smith machine bench, cable flys, push ups and a few burn out sets of cable tricep extensions. Chasing chest pumps.


Doing your workout today. Cuz I’m lazy.


This is how I imagine @Jake_Sumner, @peter and @john get out of bed every morning:

This is me, awake but still feeling like this!:


Coffee in hand, rowing commences as soon as it’s done!

Yes I know, I β€œjumped the Shiba shark” with this one!:



Got the work in today :beers:


Only did some yoga this morning. I’ll be spending the day with my 2-year old nephew, so I have a feeling that will feel just like a workout.


First outdoor swim for the year.



Having a rest day today because I seem to have sprained my wrist yesterday after helping my brother change tires on his car.