Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Thanks! :grin: I like them for working out sometimes, I can feel the floor better.


Twenty minute run on the treadmill and enough pounding the heavy bag to work some aggression out and be too sweaty for another likely shitty first date I called off. Whiskey & a movie and early to bed sounds better.


Chesticle workout right now, feels good exercising in mornings!


Happy Birthday Bro.:muscle::muscle:


Thanks!! It’s been a full day celebrating with family!


Replaced soda and other sugary drinks with carbonated water for roughly 2 1/2 weeks and shed about 7 pounds so far. Sometimes it’s the little things that count :bitrocket: . Only drink soda or drink on the weekends now, and cutting back makes you feel a lot more energized and healthy.


happy birthday smiley :cake:


Medium weight day. Just finished 8 week weight lifting program. Overall I’m pleased with the gains. Bigger and stronger than I was 2 months ago.

Taking a break from weight lifting for a few weeks. Plan to continue cardio and yoga workouts. Also plan to add kettlebell workouts in. After 2 weeks, I’ll add weight lifting back into the weekly routine.


Weight training today again. Same routine as last week.


Today is mine.


That’s what my co-workers say about me.


Coffee done (sadly). Starting rowing now after watching one of my favorite silly videos to set the mood:

β€œYou’re a psycho-wiener!” - Luke Skywalker


the color of the gym machines xD


Yes that is Planet Fitness theme.:grinning:


got mine in early. be your own gym!


Just finished up. Got in those dips :muscle: lunges curls and short run.
Now i have to go build some bee boxes for @CryptoMom :honeybee:


F3 workout this morning!


Just finished my yoga workout.


Everyday is yours dude :muscle:


Morning. Slow start. Just downed coffee. But it’s time to work out like Uma Thurman!: