Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Lets do some vacuum!!!


Haha! You know it! Feeling strong today!


It’s my day off today, so I just went for a quick run. Ready for next week.


Yoga day! Now it’s time for coffee.


Running around chasing kids.


Rest day after a night downtown in 4" heels


Light weight day. Monday here I come!


Starting the week with some weight lifting. Feeling good. :weight_lifting_man:


I’m going back to bed, just trying to keep it real


My turn to gym. Wild day today. Accidentally β€œran” from some local PD… ahahahahahah. Talked about it on discord


Come at me bro!


Monday is here, fixing to get it going. Today is one of those days when your really tired but you know your going to feel so much better once you get going. Time to roll. :weight_lifting_man:


Shoulders and chest. Don’t let a single mofo ever out work you.

On repeat :point_down:


Starting the day leading an F3 workout. Feeling great!


Tabata Legs, I can feel the burn in my legs.

Happy birthday, @Jake_Sumner!


Thanks for the birthday wishes! 40 is off to a great start!


Legs & back P90X style last night.




Good Morning!
Chest and Abs day. Have a good workout.


Nice chucks! :athletic_shoe: