Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) drills for 1 hour and a half —sheesh!


Heading out to the rock climbing gym. 15 min cardio warmup, 1,5 hr bouldering. Then 30 min pull ups, dead hangs and core strength exercises, then 5 boulder problems to make sure theres no leftover energy… best thing about climbing is that its so much fun that I forget that Im working out.


Ran twice as long as usual, since I’m not doing any other workout today, followed by the usual Wim Hof.


Day 14 of using MyFitnessPal today, and according to the morning weigh-ins I’ve now increased 3.4 kg in weight during that time! I’m not entirely convinced however since my weight can change by ~±1 kg from one day to the next, but I’ve definitely made some progress in the right direction. Funny thing is that the app is set to make me increase in weight by 0.5 kg per week. Still hard to get as many carbs as it suggests, and harder still to get as little fat as it tells me, but I haven’t felt ill except for that one headache so it feels like I’m doing well enough. :muscle:


Got the daily meal prep done for the week :plate_with_cutlery: I’m researching some ideas for dinner meal preps. But Kayla is a superstar in the kitchen so I may leave well enough alone :shallow_pan_of_food:


Looks good. Sunday meal prep is my life.

Edit: diet starts tomorrow. Time for myfitnesspal tracking.


It finally snowed a bit last night. Sadly it is now also so warm that it’s beginning to melt. I decided to go out and exercise at least once before it all disappears. The sun is just coming up, and my camera is terrible. Any movement makes it super blurry.


That’s great progress! Way to go! Always exciting to see results in the data.


Looks like a great week ahead!


It’s so good when you find something fun that also gets you in shape! I used to surf and felt the same way about it. Unfortunately there’s no ocean near where I live so I’m still looking for a good replacement.


Yoga today. I’m really liking starting the week with a clear mind and strong body. Ready for the day to begin!


Hey everyone,

Here’s a picture of Jake’s dog, who likes to meditate while Jake does Yoga:
And here’s a picture of me meditating:
Coffee in hand, rowing commences in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


4:30 AM Chest and Tris in the bank. The rest of the day is all gravy!


Just finished the first workout of the week, 45 minutes of weight lifting.


Time to get it. Bigly.


Great to see everyone start the week off strong!! You guys inspire me :muscle:t4: Am I the only dud who works out in the evenings?


Monday legs super sets done.
A quick mention for my 6 year old daughter completing a length of the pool yesterday. Green caps here we come!


Just came out of the gym as well. Weight training/ full body workout for 2 hrs. Swimming and saunas after. :drooling_face: Always love the feeling during and afterwards. :+1:t2:


No you are not. Work and family mean that evening’s are the only time I can train. Going to sleep before 23.00 can be a bit of a problem tho.


Surfing looks so fun! really want to try it this summer… Sports that gets one so addicted that it turns in to a lifestyle is great :smiley: If your looking for a replacement why dont you pass by a rock climbing gym, tell them your a surfer in lack of ocean, and if they can show you a bit how the bouldering works. Get to know some people, like here in the bitcoinpub, climbers tend to be nice friendly openminded and including people. Before long you might find yourself doing your first outdoor wall in the wild, and hopefully youll miss the ocean a bit less than before :wink: I just went once with some friends and it ended up changing my life completely, for the better hehe