Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Good eye! Fat butt is a good start but it gets even better.

Here’s the full version drawn by my 5 year old daughter.

I’ll have to ask her if this is a person with a big fat belly button or if it’s an actual big fat belly button that has left it’s home to pursue a life of adventure.


I’ve taken a few yoga classes here and there. I really enjoy it but I don’t feel like I know very much at all about it. In fact, my current routine is based on this “Yoga for Dummies” video - I used to have the actual DVD and now I just watch it on YouTube:

Here are the basic 12 poses I focus on:

Daily Dozen - 6 breaths for each
Standing Forward Bend
Standing Side Stretch
Downward Facing Dog
Child’s pose
Seated Spinal Twist
Seated Forward Bend
Final Relaxation Pose


Standing Forward Bend
Standing Side Stretch
Downward Facing Doge
Child’s pose
Seated Spinal Twist
Seated Forward Bend
Final Relaxation Pose

FTFY (Fixed That For You):



Have you ever one YogaX? It is P90x Yoga. It sucks big time. Cover all the stretches but also has a mini 11 minute ab workout. It is 45 minutes of moving, 15 minutes of balance postures, 11 abs and the rest stretching. Great recipe to be leg dead and covered in sweat. Love to hate it.


Nice, thanks for the tip. I’m a noob as well and had never done a single yoga pose before I started the Wim Hof course. I have mainly been focusing on arm balance and inversions, as a way of increasing my strength. I’ll probably try some of the poses in that video tomorrow.


Sounds interesting. Is that a course you have to purchase or is it available for free somewhere? I didn’t really find anything genuine on Youtube, just a lot of random people doing yoga.


Yes got to have P90X. Of course I had a friend with it who hated it cause it sucked so bad and gave it to me. I also do some beginners yoga DVD as well as a stretching routine. I believe it was the firm brand. Bought it for the wife and I ended up doing it. LOL. #noshame # notskeered #dontjudgeme


Wednesday evening has arrived. I have been dreaming all day long about these lunges i am fixing to enjoy :thinking: Well to be honest that statement is less than truthful lul
But the show must go on, Time to roll!!!


3 rounds with 24 kg Kettlebell of

Kb Swings 10 reps
KB Goblet squat 10 reps
KB rows 10 each arm
KB Lunges 5 each leg
KB Single Leg Deadlift 5 each leg
KB Shoulder press 5 each arm

60 seconds rest between rounds


Did P90X for 3 years straight, 6 days a week. Skipped yogaX every single time. Yuck. But the rest of the program is the ONE thing that whipped my ass into shape bigtime. Plyo was my fave. Next best workout for me after P90X was boxing. My heavy bag is hung in the party garage workout space, all lonely. I should get back to it. I keep reading here hoping the motivation will come back. :slight_smile:


Everybody hates that YogaX. Lets get you arm and leg dead before doing BALANCE postures! Awesome idea!


I think punching a bag requires heavy metal music at max loud.


I’m in the wayback machine, digging through facebook pics from 5 years ago to prove it. I’ll post one if I can ever get that far back.


Hi guys, I have been looking at this thread for a bit. Yeah I know it’s wierd. I would like to join in. I noticed there are just a handful of you guys that chime in EVERYDAY. I need that kind of dedication in my life. I just started working out again. Today I did a Hiit class and plan on lifting tomorrow. I need to get stronger and of course lose some pounds. I can do this. You guys are very inspiring. Thanks alot for that.


Motivation for getting back to P90X sometime: This is a progress picture I took back when I was just getting into it around 2013.

And a photo about the time life got in the way and I had just quit.


I wasn’t trying to get cut, just wanted to be leaner and not be as self-conscious. P90X (and I was a free BMW-earning ViSalus promoter for a long time, that stuff worked really well too) was the one workout that actually worked for me.


I will be looking forward to reading your post.
Its time to turn and burn not look and learn. :+1:


this thread is encouraging me to join gym, after i get fat from my holiday first. joined gym with friend 5 years ago but he went ridiculous times like 2am… when i had work in mornings… i didnt drive and gym was pretty far…

no excuse now though! been weight training at on and off for some time :slight_smile: cant wait to get stronger
i lost 10kg in 5-6 months though :blush: wish i could train with you guys :cryingjordan:


Everyone knows P90X, but if you like weightlifting Body Beast is my favorite routine. Have done it several times over the years and was bigger and felt strong without destroying my joints and connective tissue when I used to throw up heavy weights. You go in thinking smaller weights will be no problem and you end up getting humbled in the beginning.

Had some career and life changes over the last 3 years and stopped consistently making my fitness a priority and got fat and. Started feeling old. About the time I got into this crypto thing I started making my fitness my top priority. Down 15 lbs and feeling energized. I love how the discipline in working out, meal tracking and calorie counting has spilled over into other areas in my life. Going to the moon on so many levels! :moneybag::weight_lifting_man::bitrocket:


The flu has laid us low for about two weeks now. I miss my work out!! I’m starting to feel human again but kid care won’t take the littles while their sick, not that they should, and a work out at home doesn’t go over well with sick clingy twin 19 month olds and sick needy twin 4 year olds. (Two sets of twins) I’ll just have to live vicariously thru all of you. Keep up the good work!!


Ok so @anyone who is reading in this thread… If you think you have had your better days, used to be the shit. All that and a bag of chips. Let me share my personal history in the world of physical fitness . When i was a teenager, I had 24 inch biceps then i quit. I guess i was bored. Then i went to 275 lbs, after an r rated speech with myself in the mirror I ate 30 carbs or less a day for a year and weighed in at 175. Everyone who knew me thought i was on meth. All the while i ran 3 miles everyday and a half marathon every weekend with a friend i had in town. Since then i have been all over the map just like bitcoin the past few months :laughing: But as i have grown older and gained wisdom, by definition as my father has always said knowledge is knowing what to say and wisdom is knowing whether or not to say it. I’m not scared to say it, consistency is what makes a man or woman content with what they have set out to accomplish. There are some awesome men and women on this thread. Dedication is contagious. Peter said it as well as i have ever heard it said… NO ONE CARES ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR LIFE TO CHANGE IT FOR YOU. YOU MUST DO IT YOURSELF. Anyone who is lurking through this thread and has the desire… just start buying the cows before you have built the fence to hold them in. Start moving without thinking. Think later. Fight your thoughts on a later date when you have more stamina to kick its ass without breathing heavy. I’ve had this on my chest for a while and it feels damn good to get it out. I’m sure there’s someone out there that will make a change for the better. May God bless. And those lunges I cranked out today are the most evil son of a $#%@&+& , and i look forward to kicking their asses next week on Wednesday
keep strong hands , we are all going to the moon