Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



You just need the right practice and mindset. I used to be cold as well until I started training. Now I take a cold shower (9 °C) every morning. Anyone can do this, you just have to go for it, with the right exercises.
Consider taking the cold shower challenge as a first step.


Awesome! I’d like to go on one of his week long trips at some point, to climb a mountain or something similar.


Got it done this morning. Rings workout - still making progress.


Do you enjoy your home gym more then a public gym? I moved and didn’t have the room for my equipment so sold it… Don’t really want to get back in to public gyms.


It is important to learn about yourself before you exercise so your body is fine-tuned instrument (like my body which is tuned to the key of E-fat on the Mix-O-Donut-ian scale - _that’s a really bad musician joke if you didn’t know).

Here’s a selfie I took today of me reading about myself:


Coffee in hand, rowing commences shortly!


It’s the details that count everybody! Is this your diet Jake? If so, how do you stay in such great shape? I’m an immediate buyer of your exercise book at this point:


I don’t know how you guys do it? I lack motivation. I put on 30lbs after my wife got pregnant. and I can’t seem to get things going to get back in shape! I live in a small town that lacks amenities. and my schedule is just nuts…


Start small. When I got back on the horse I simply walked for 30 minutes a day.

The magic wasn’t the distance or the time… it was consistency. I walked every day for 6 months.

I also started eating differently. Not dramatically. But differently. Most people quit before they even begin really.


And you did it carrying King Buddy as your walking buddy. What’s makes that an amazing strategy is as King Buddy grows and gets heavier, your workout will get harder. Just think how strong you’ll be when he’s 15!


I’m definitely a big fan of the home gym. I’ve finally been able to get consistent workouts in after years of trying and failing. I’ve had gym memberships in the past (10 years of my life total) and my success rate was very low. I was never able to consistently create enough space in my schedule to travel to the gym, workout, get showered and get to work on time. This only got more difficult when I started juggling family responsibilities with my wife and 3 kids.

With my home gym, I started real simple with 10-15 minute workouts using just a yoga mat and 2 kettlebells. I built the habit of 3 days a week and started getting results. I was able to slowly expand my workouts to 45 minutes and 6 days a week by making small adjustments to my schedule - mostly just getting up 10 minutes earlier and going to bed 10 minutes earlier. They seemed like small changes at the time but now I’m glad I built these habits in over time. Once I started losing weight and building muscle, it really locked the habits in place because the benefits far outweigh the cost and effort.

I slowly built up my equipment over time as well so now I’ve got everything I need to do a variety of strength training and cardio. I also work out with a local F3 group 2 days a week and it’s a nice change of pace to go workout outside with a group of guys instead of just working out by myself in the basement all the time.

If I ever moved to a place where I couldn’t have a home gym, I’d really have to figure out how to get adjust my schedule to get my workouts in. I’d probably go back to kettlebells in my driveway or garage! I know a home gym isn’t an option for everybody but I’ve definitely found that it’s allowed me to consistently get my workouts in and I consider it one of the best investments I’ve ever made.



I agree with @john - the small workout you will do regularly beats the perfect workout that you rarely/never do. Building discipline and consistency is key. I use the fitbit app to track my weight everyday and it gives me immediate feedback on how I did yesterday. Also try to identify the changes that will produce some initial results quickly - small changes in eating habits and activity levels can show quick results and it’s the results that will motivate you to keep going and make further changes.


@john - it’s your own personal version of Milo of Croton


I started thinking, that maybe the motivation the pub has given me in crypt, could be good for other areas of my life where im currently lacking discipline.
You guys are awesome!
I’m definitely gonna start with what @john said and start small with walking everyday.
Hopefully that will give me the will power to do more! and start doing some weights for 15 min a day as well thanks @Jake_Sumner



Here’s another depiction:


Never a dull moment in here. :grin:
Usual run and Wim Hof today. Started trying the headstand on the elbows instead of with the entire palms, doing good so far.
Second weight lifting of the week. Although I might not get the same gains as with a barbell that you can increase the weights on, the exercises in the 5x5 stronglifts still feel like they’re working. :fist:


60min on the elliptical yesterday - so it begins; evidence coming :weight_lifting_man:


Hey fat butte!



Out of curiosity, which types of poses do you do? Are you self taught or do you follow a specific set of exercises?
I do five different ones every morning that I took out of the 10 or so different ones in the Wim Hof course. Headstand, split, peacock, butterfly, flying crow.
I’m going to change my previous workout schedule a bit now that I started doing different weight lifting exercises, so I’ll do yoga on Thursdays, and will practice some new/harder poses.


Oh damn, I’m laffing so hard I can’t breathe!